Small Things Which Could Be Stopping Your Front Garden From Looking Spectacular

Many of us focus on making our back garden look perfect, after all when the weather warms up it's where we spend a lot of our time! But it's important to make sure you're not neglecting the front too, as this is the first impression people get of your home. A nice front garden will give your home all important kerb appeal which is crucial for selling, but even if you're not planning on moving anywhere it's nice to achieve. If you're sick of coming home and seeing a dull or messy looking garden each day, here are some of the mistakes you might be making.

Not Enough Colour 
Adding colour to the garden is easy over the spring and summer. If you've planned ahead and planted some bulbs and seeds, these will be springing to life and adding different hues to the garden with no extra effort on your part. You could also go to a garden centre and pick up some beautiful colourful blooms to add to hanging baskets, pots and borders. Over the coldest months it can be more difficult to add colour to the garden but not impossible. Go with evergreens in your planting scheme so that everything doesn't completely die off. You can also find winter flowering plants which will bloom while just about everything else has died off. These will begin to die in the spring, just as everything else is coming to life. 

An Ugly Front Door 
While it's not exactly the garden, the front door will also be taken into view when you're looking at the front of your home. You could look at front doors in a wood effect if you want a country garden style, these have the benefit of being sturdy but unlike PVC models they can be painted. You could choose an exterior paint you love the colour of to add character, charm and personality to the front of your home. You could even go a step further add add pots of flowers either side in coordinating colours. The perfect entrance to your home!

An Unkempt Lawn 
Most gardens are predominantly lawn, so it's important to keep on top of this for the garden to stay looking good. It wont need much mowing over the winter, but on a dry day you could give it a cut using the longer winter length blade height on your mower. Spring and autumn is a good time to patch any gaps or bare patches with a grass seed to keep it looking lush and thick. And you could feed the lawn a good quality fertiliser once or twice a year. If all of this sounds like a little too much hassle, you could consider artificial grass instead.

An Oversized Tree
As much as trees can add appeal and character to your front lawn, you need to make sure they're kept in check. Oversized trees could cause a hazard to yours or your neighbours property in a storm. They can also block out light entering the home, and in some cases even damage the foundations of a house. Either removing large trees or keeping them cut to a decent size is your best bet.