Style Me Pretty: Floaty, Feminine Trends In Home Decor

If you love decorating, are an aspiring interior designer or simply love playing with colors, fabrics, and shapes this’ll probably be your favorite time of year. Interior design bibles, blogs, and books have just announced the hottest trends for this year, so it’s time to grab your sketch pad, favorite paint pots and your dust sheets and get creative! 

Butterfly Kisses
Did you think that butterflies and fairies were just for little girls? Butterfly themed stencils, ornaments, bed sheets, jewelry and even wallpaper is about to fly off the shelves. Designers are increasingly using this uplifting, positive symbol that so often represents a new beginning in their work, while customers love the elegant, sophisticated and grown-up spin that household names like Christian Lacroix are putting on the butterfly. Once only seen in candy pink bedrooms, Princess t-shirts and cute, girly hair slides you’ll be flitting off to get your hands on gorgeous butterfly prints before you know it! 

Green, Green Grass 
Apple, mint, grass, emerald or bright lime whatever shade you choose to let it be green! Pantone, the color matching system experts, have announced that ‘greenery’ is the shade to go for in 2017. So if your kitchen needs a makeover, bright, zesty walls will do the trick, or if your living room’s looking a bit bare, you could liven things up with a refreshing, revitalizing tree colored feature wall. The shade is supposed to have been inspired by our relationship with technology and our reaction to an ever-changing political landscape.

Mixed Materials
Mixed patterns became a big deal at the end of last year from stunning floral designs, native American inspired quilts and mandala themed duvets. We’ll be saying goodbye to the idea that something’s ‘too busy’ and hello to color so look out for unusual patterns, colors and shapes appearing on bedding, clothing, and even furniture! Think bold, primary shades such as blues, reds, and yellows, intricate designs and let yourself have fun with this fresh new approach to decor. 

Embrace Fold-Up Furniture
Technology and design have fused together to bring us, even more, space saving options, unique gadgets and wonderful new concepts such as fold-up rooms. What we really mean is that furniture, for example like pieces at Direct Furniture Land are becoming multipurpose, entire units are being able to be easily stored away, and space is adapting to reflect our ongoing needs. For instance, pop up appliances, retractable kitchen hoods and even the idea of pop-up parks will soon be commonplace.
Look out for pieces that become something else when not in use, such as MOMA’s fold out chair. This is a great piece of furniture, which quite unbelievably, tidies itself up into a book for storage, coincidentally the book/chair is also the New York museum’s most popular item of merchandise and is being snapped up every few minutes. 

Princess Of China 
Raw, thin or white china is going to be a design staple within the next few months as we embrace the Scandinavian trend of folksy, art pieces and handcrafted goods. White, bone or chalk China, embraces the concept of pure, natural, textures while showcasing beauty in flawed designs.

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