Taking Care of Your Aging Grandparents

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Your grandparents are probably some of the most important people in your life: they've been there for you for your whole life and helped you until you were ready to make it on your own. Now that you have your own life well established, you might be starting to worry about how to help protect your grandparents as they gets older. Instead of panicking about potential illness and other difficulties with ageing, follow this plan to make sure they're around for as long as possible.

Keep In Contact
It can be tricky enough to balance work, a household, hobbies, friends and everything else. But making time for family and maintaining regular contact is so important. Especially so with your grandparents, as they age you want to make the most of the time you have with them. It doesn't have to mean sitting on the phone for hours but it's an idea to check how they are and ask if they need help with anything. Regular visits are important too. Your grandparents might tell you they're fine when they're not for fear of bothering you or causing any hassle. When you call in to see them you can make sure everything is fine for yourself. You could pop in for a cup of tea or arrange a family dinner every Sunday. Either way it's sure to make their day and you can’t put a value on that.

Make Sure They're Coping Well
If your grandparents have trouble getting up and down the stairs you could get in touch with an organisation like Raise Lift Services. Adaptations for the home are a great way for your grandparents to keep their independence. Whether it's a stair lift, changing the flooring and layout to suit a wheelchair or a specially adapted shower. You could offer to do jobs which can make their lives a little easier too. Whether it's picking up some shopping or doing some cleaning and gardening to keep their home at its best.

Help Them Get Internet Savvy
When people get older and start spending more time at home due to physical ailments, it can be easy for them to get lonely and isolated. Teaching them to use a computer can open up a new world for them. They could Skype friends and family, and keep in contact with people who have moved away, You could explain how social media works which again allows them to maintain connections with loved ones. It can also be useful for them to be able to do any research too, and again lets them keep a certain level of independence. 

It's logical to worry about our grandparents as they get older – no one likes the thought of losing the people who brought them up. Turn your anxieties into action to make both you and your grandparents feel happy and reassured – after all, they're worth it! You can find out about how to live well at all ages here.

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  1. So true about keeping in contact; a lot of elderly people feel lonely and isolated, especially in our youth-obsessed culture (if you think about it, and look at the entertainment media, advertisement, etc., etc., almost everything is geared towards the under-30 crowd; after I turned 30, I began to feel invisible an ignored...and unpretty, haha). Sadly, the only grandparent I have left is my husband's Nana, whom we really should visit soon; thanks for the reminder! :o)