The Kitchen Garden 2017 Edition

What comes to mind when you consider a kitchen garden? A walled space in which to grow vegetables, herbs, and even a little fruit? Well, this certainly is the old way of thinking about it. But now there is another meaning too. A kitchen garden can also mean where an actual kitchen is placed in the garden. Which is perfect for living a more alfresco lifestyle and entertaining outdoors. Read on to find out more.

The Space
Kitchen gardens or garden kitchens as they are better known, are a trend from the USA that is becoming super popular. But before you build one you need a suitable corner of the garden in which to install it. Some people choose to install their garden kitchens on a stone patio. While other prefer fire retardant decks. The location of the garden kitchen is important because it is helpful for it to be as close to the garden dining area as possible. Many people also position them near to hot tub or swimming pools too. Especially if you are talking about a large garden space, where the facilities are a long way from the house. This also helps to keep any smoke from the grill getting into your primary residence as well. 

The Lighting
Something else that is an important element when constructing a garden or outdoor kitchen is making sure that you have enough light to cook and eat by. It's no good having all of these wonderful facilities but burning everything to a crisp because you can't see what is going on! With that in mind, you may choose to invest in some deck LEDs from companies such as Bright Lightz. Products like these should provide plenty of light to make sure you can tell the difference between a rare and well-done steak.

The Units
If you google outdoor kitchens, you will see that the majority of the workstations are built from stone. You can have a go at doing this yourself, or you can get a contractor to do this for you. You can even buy ready made stainless units that are suitable for outdoor use, which mean you don't have to install then as a permanent feature. If you are going the self-build route, it's a good idea to use polished stone or granite for the worktops. Remember to install enough, so you have a good amount of room for dealing with food prep and the cooked items, without risking cross contamination.

The Facilities
Many outdoor kitchens have BBQ grills, power by gas. These are quick to light and heat up. Which mean they are perfect for cooking up a quick lunch while you enjoy the sun outside. Or a more elaborate meal when you are holding a party in the garden. Some garden kitchens also include a stone fired oven as well. This is a traditional style oven, in which wood is burnt to heat fireproof bricks. The bricks then store the heat and release it slowly and steadily over some hours. In particular, these are wonderful for cooking homemade pizza and bread, as well as a range of desserts like this one

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