Tinkering With Tradition: Putting a Modern Spin on a Conventional Room

There’s a reason why decor becomes ‘traditional.' These are the items and styles that stand the test of time, and year after year are something that we continue to love and come back to. Traditional decor can look stunning in some homes, the only issue is if you have more modern tastes you might find it can look old fashioned if it’s not done right. But with a few tweaks, you can enjoy a gorgeous traditional looking space while still keeping it looking in vogue. Here’s how you can go about it. 

Choose a Classic Sofa and Dress It in a Modern Way
A classic sofa will look expensive and luxurious, and will never go out of style. Something like a Chesterfield sofa for example would work well here. To put a modern spin on it, you could then soften and dress it in a trendy way. It could be with cushions and throws to bring in a bold print or a bright splash of colour. The good thing about this is if you choose your sofa in a neutral colour it will go with any accent shade meaning you can change it up over the years. Grey and blush pink is very on trend at the moment, if you choose a grey sofa you could dress it with blush pink accessories. But as the trend fades, these could be replaced with black, white, grey or just about any other colour. 

Go With a Traditional Wood Table and Add Trendy Chairs
Wood looks homely, warm and traditional. There are few things better than a big wooden dining table surrounded by family and friends on a special occasion. A solid wood table is a great investment as it will last basically forever if you look after it, and can be styled in many different ways. One way you can put a spin on a traditional wood table is to pair it up with more unusual or modern chairs. It could be anything from acrylic ghost chairs to upholstered crushed velvet dining chairs. Eames chairs are also popular at the moment and would make a great contrast paired up with the traditional wood. The way you dress the table can make the world of difference too, and can be adapted to either style. 

Have a Traditional Mantle Piece Installed With a Modern Fire
Your fireplace is where you can really blend traditional with contemporary. Done well this looks incredible and can fuse the two styles together beautifully. For your mantlepiece, wood, brick, cast iron or stone all work well. You can get all kinds of modern looking unique fireplaces these days. The trick is to find pieces that really complement each other. While you are choosing two different styles, they should still work in harmony. The perfect way to add a modern twist to a traditional looking room.

Have you ever attempted to blend two completely different styles together in this way? If you were going to add a contemporary twist to a traditional room, how would you go about it?

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