Transforming Your House Into A Place of Calm

If there’s one place you shouldn’t be feeling the stress, it’s your home. There’s a lot of factors that can contribute to a hectic home, not all of which are as easy to conquer. Some of it may be simply be down to the look and feel of your home, all of which can be easily fixed with a few soothing alterations. Here are a few of those adjustments that you can make.

Conquer Clutter
Mess has a psychologically proven effect on our stress. Your home doesn’t have to be a sterile show home, but it shouldn’t be a hoarder’s paradise either. You should first aim to conquer any mess around your front door whether this is a hallway or a kitchen. Getting rid of this clutter will mean that don’t enter your house to chaos, putting you in better spirits the moment you enter the door. From here you can start conquering clutter in other rooms. De-cluttering itself is extremely therapeutic and will have your stress levels reduced immediately.

Use Calming Colours
If your home is too discordantly coloured, it could be sending bad messages to your brain. Make your house less of an assault on the eyes by introducing more harmonious colour schemes. If you’re prone to stress you should avoid reds as these can psychologically heighten emotions. More soothing colours include light blue, lavender and green.

Eliminate Bad Smells
Awful odours could be making your home less comfortable to live in. These include smells from pets, children or simply smells as a result of uncleanliness. Cover up these smells with more inviting aromas to return your home to a place of relief. Solutions include air fresheners, incense sticks and scented candles.

Nurture Nature
Keeping in touch with your natural side could have you feeling calmer. Having plants in your home has been proven to lower blood pressure levels and prevent anxiety. If you don’t have a garden, this could be the escape into nature that your home needs. Pets can also be great at relieving loneliness if this is the main source of your stress, but do require extra responsibility that sometimes lead to more strain. If you don’t want the hassle of pets, fish can be a great solution. Look up an online tropical fish store to get some ideas.

Create Tech-Free Zones
Our homes are now infested with technology. TVs, mobiles phones and computers can all kill communication and make the home feel cold. Cables meanwhile can create extra clutter. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from all this technology. One way is to set up a tech-free zone in the home. This could be somewhere as simple as the bedroom – giving you a chance to escape the sight of a screen after a long day’s work at the office – or it could be a more communal zone for the whole family in order to stop the kids being glued to their phones.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with these points. At university I try and keep my room really tidy and have a couple of room diffusers! Love this post and your blog xx