What Home Improvements Will You Be Making This Year?

Did you have 'improve the house' scribbled onto your list of resolutions for this year? With a whole year stretched in front of us now is the perfect time to set some goals for the house and work out what direction you want to go in. But where will you tackle first?

Over Christmas, maybe you found that your kitchen simply didn’t have enough space to do all the cooking that you wanted to in there. Old houses tend to have smaller kitchens because that suited the entertaining style when they were built. The kitchen was seen as more of 'backstage' area where food was prepared and brought out to the larger living and dining spaces. These days the style of entertaining is much more informal. Large, open kitchens are preferred, islands offer additional seating and with guests being able to chat to the host as they cook. A larger kitchen is so much easier to cook in and move around in too. You could knock down a wall or two downstairs and speak to a kitchen designer to create your dream space. 

Relaxing in a spa-like bathroom is the perfect way to end any day. Gorgeous tiles, a roll top bath, his and hers sinks. It's the stuff of dreams! If your bathroom is shabby and due for an upgrade, this is one home improvement that should be on your list. Don't forget about great storage to keep everywhere neat. And splash out on stunning accessories: jumbo fluffy towels, a memory foam bath mat, a sleek shower screen and beautiful taps. You will need good lighting too, especially if you do your makeup in the bathroom in the mornings.

House extensions tend to the perfect choice for people with expanding families. If you love your home but don't have the space for a new baby, an extension means you can stay where you are without having to move. You could speak to a home improvements company for some advice, and to see how you could potentially extend your home into your outside space. A double story extension could allow you to extend your kitchen downstairs and add an extra bathroom and bedroom upstairs too!

Back Garden
Strictly speaking, making changes to your back garden might not count as a home renovation – but it’ll certainly make a huge positive change to your life. During the winter you might not spend all that much time out there, but consider how exactly you want to use it in the summer. If you want to eat outside more often then set up a veranda or terrace, or maybe a small decking area where you can keep a table, chairs and a BBQ. If you want it to be calm and beautiful, then why not consider installing a fountain and a garden swing seat? If you want to attract wildlife, consider building a pond and planting lots of colourful flowers. 

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