Wonderful Places To Visit, Explore And Give Back To The World

Travelling and exploring the world is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life, but going on a holiday and exploring the world isn’t just about freeing yourself. It can also be about giving something back too. There are lots of beautiful places across the world that you can visit, explore and do some good at the same time. This might be teaching children English, helping build new housing or perhaps aiding an environment in danger. Here are some of the best options, what these places have to offer and even how you can get started on a journey like this. 

Tropical Trials And Terrific Sunsets 
If you want to give back to the world in a tropical location and love working with animals, you may want to visit Hawaii. During your free time you can surf, lay on the beaches or pack up your camping gear and explore the national parks for a night or two. The rest of the time you could volunteer by  helping on conservation projects and helping to rebuild the coral reef. You may not be aware that the coral reef here is actually in danger and has been for quite some time. Pollution, tourism, and other factors has caused it to decline, and for aquatic life to lose their home. There is help and a positive outlook for the future now though. Volunteers work on boats and underwater around Hawaii.  

Once You Visit, You May Not Want To Come Back
If you love working with children, why not consider spending next summer teaching English to school students in Thailand? They're always looking for new volunteers in this country, and you can get boarding as well as food included. Through the week you’ll be at the head of the class working with children eager to learn. If you volunteer in Thailand, at the weekend, you’ll have a grand opportunity to explore a country that is as mystical as it is beautiful. Plus you get to taste the incredible authentic Thai cuisine and learn more about the fascinating country while you're there.

In The Jungle 
Another option to consider is volunteering in Africa. In the poorest countries such as Ethiopia and Uganda there are multiple organisations hard at work on building suitable housing for African families. It's important to get in touch with an official voluntary organisation before heading to Africa. While the continent is stunning, some of the locations can be quite dangerous for people traveling alone. Don’t let this deter you from heading over there, but be sure to stick to any travel and health warnings. It’s your best chance to see an entirely new culture, as well as make a genuine difference in a place in the world where millions of people suffer every day. You’ll also have the opportunity to see African animals, up close and in the wild. 

Do any of these ideas excite you? Forget about a holiday, start thinking about doing something more next summer.

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  1. It's on my list of life goals to travel abroad and help people! Great post💋