Last Minute Mistakes That Will Slow Down Your House Move

Selling a home and buying a new one can be a pretty turbulent time. You have a lot to get ready, so it’s understandable that you might occasionally lose focus on some important steps. However, go too long without ensuring that the ball is rolling and you could find that you’re forcing yourself to delay. With some time-intensive moves, that simply isn’t permissible. Which means you need to spot these mistakes early and pave a smoother path for yourself.

Forgetting To Notify The Right People
In the best-case scenarios, failing to notify your friends and family will result in a few awkward conversations down in the line. In the worst-case, however, it can mean that vital documents on your finances, insurance, and the like are going to the wrong people. It can also mean you get billed for utilities you really shouldn’t. Make sure you call up all your providers and notify the right parties of the move. Until you get all your details changed, it’s a good idea to have the post office redirect your mail to your new address, too. Otherwise, you could remain tied to your old property for longer than you would like.

Forgetting To Budget For Legal Costs
Now to look much earlier in the process. Most people you would sell through will ensure that you get this sorted early, but many still might forget not only to hire conveyancing services, but they might forget to budget for them, too. Before you agree on a price, make sure that you have the legal ball ready to start rolling. Otherwise, you could find yourself going out of budget which could make the move more difficult.

Not Considering The Logistics
One problem that people have is simply underestimating how much of a logistic concern it can be to move all their possessions from one place to another. It can be a process that takes more than one day if you’re not careful. So, start getting it sorted out early. Get quotes and check out companies like Squab storage that can ensure you have a place to store your things if you can’t move them immediately. One thing you should really do in advance is mark all your boxes, too. Coding them with multicoloured post-it notes, for instance, can make the process of placing them in the right place in the home a lot quicker.

Taking Everything And The Kitchen Sink
If you have so much that you’re looking at big storage costs and repeat trips then it might be a good idea to consider downsizing. Take the time to give your possessions a bit of an audit. Surely, if you look closely, you’ll be able to identify quite a few things you have no use or need for. At worst, you could see them given to someone who has more need of them. At best, you could extend your budget by selling them.

The tips above will make sure you don’t have too many road blocks and detours in your way to your new home, but rest assured there will be plenty of stressing and bickering on the way. House moves are rarely peaceful affairs, so hang in there.

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