Live The Life You Imagined and Follow Your Dreams!

In their early years, everybody has a dream of how their life will look when they grow up. It could be being a successful business owner, or having a family, or any number of realities. For many, the dream extends little beyond: travel. Unfortunately, travelling the world requires a level of cash and time that few people can easily acquire. Plus, people do have a tendency to get themselves into situations and commitments that, on the face of it at least, are difficult to get out of. Still, if this is you then take stock in the fact that it’s never too late to change the direction of your life and live the life you imagined. It just requires bold and decisive action.

Envision the Dream
If you’re feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with your life, you might be tempted to think of anything as being better than your current existence. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the grass is always greener: it isn’t. Instead, you should think about what’s the very best type of life you can hope for? This can also be applied if you’re generally pleased with your life. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and asking: what can I do that will challenge me, scare me, but ultimately be rewarding? It might be moving to the mountains, spending long days in paradise, or taking the plunge and moving to the city you always wanted to live in.

Say Goodbye to the Workplace and Your Home
When we’re of a certain age, we begin to, well, freak out a little bit. We’re worried about our future, about being left behind. At those times, we tend to find things to cling to: partners, jobs, homes, to be specific. There’s likely little wrong with any of the these things, but there comes a time when we start to wonder if we were a little bit too hasty. In the end, the things that were supposed to make us feel secure, such as a home and a job, can feel us feel trapped. They are prisons by another name. And so to follow your dreams, you have to break free. Sell your home quickly and hand in your notice. It’s a scary decision, but it’s one that opens up untold possibilities. You can now actually follow your dreams knowing you’re no longer tied down.

Moving Forward 
Book the ticket. It’s the hardest thing of the whole process, because once you get moving you’ll soon learn that following your dreams is the easiest thing in the world. Once you’ve made the leap, dreams will grow and develop, change and be discarded, but you’ll always be a in position to follow them. Years down the line, when you’ve got a catalogue of stories under your belt, you’ll look back to the first adventure as the catalyst for all that came after. Will you regret it? Of course you won’t.

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