Living Room Revamp: Big Change, Minimal Costs

If you're bored of your surroundings and your home fails to inspire you, it's time to take action. And if you're looking to make a change, for most households the lounge is the perfect starting point. After all, this is a place for living as a family- and getting this room in great health will provide an area that everyone can enjoy. One of the biggest stumbling blocks, however, is the perceived cost. At a glance, upgrading the living room can feel far more expensive than the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. It doesn’t need to be that way, though. Utilise these tips below to find the perfect balance between thrifty and thriving. In turn, you’ll breathe new life into your lounge without breaking the bank. What more could any homeowner ask for? 

Go For Natural Vibes 
The living room should be a venue blessed with energy, and there’s no better way to generate those vibes than embracing natural vibes. First and foremost, you should aim to increase the natural lighting. Not only will it make the lounge feel brighter and happier, but it’ll provide the illusion of bigger space also. Blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors will provide that open atmosphere too. Ths can allow the entire family to enjoy the space to its full potential. Feature walls with natural tones can also give the room an additional sense of unique personality and character. Finally, small decisions like using natural smelling air fresheners can take the joy to another level. This fresh aesthetic can have a huge impact on your relationship with the room, and the home as a whole. 

Create Space 
One of the great things about the natural vibes is that it will enhance the feeling of space. But this is far from being the only way to generate those desired atmospheres. Quite frankly, going the extra mile to make the room feel larger will bring many rewards. Given the relatively low costs involved, you’d be a fool not to capitalise. A thorough decluttering session will make the world of difference. The average household hoards products to a four-figure value. So selling them will additionally generate extra funds. However, the process of creating space doesn’t end there. Mount the TV to the wall and buy an extendable table so that it can take up less space when not being used. Every inch is important, and these small changes will make a big impact overall. One of the most important tasks however, is to choose a suitable layout. The positioning of furniture alone can completely change the shape and space of the room. Don't underestimate its influence!

Replace Rather Than Repair 
Every family deserves to enjoy some of those luxury items in their living rooms. Having said that, you should of course prioritise the essential elements. Whether it’s heating and air ventilation or other basic comforts, fixing any issues you may have is crucial. Broken or faulty windows are a common problem. While upgrading to double glazed PVC windows is an option, this could destroy the aesthetic of your current solutions. With sash window hardware, you can get those insulation properties back to their best without the cost or hassle of new ones. HVAC systems and fireplaces are also among the items that should be fixed immediately. After all, you’ll never enjoy the luxury goods until those basic foundations are in great health. Prevention is often the best form of protection. Therefore, it’s equally vital to keep an eagle eye out for signs of damp and other damage. Attend to those problems ASAP, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. More importantly, it could aid your health also. 

Stamp Your Authority 
The best thing you can do to your lounge is make it feel like home. It should look good but you’re not trying to build a showroom. Therefore you should be sure to keep the needs of your family at the forefront of your design-based decisions. This could be something as simple as child proofing the living room to make it feel safer while removing some of your stress. Ultimately, those emotional rewards can be far greater than any feelings gained from new tech and other investments. Another top trick is to celebrate your family with photographs, sentimental products, and unique vibes. Essentially, if it helps build personality while producing a family warmth, it can only be good news. Just remember not to go overboard by overcrowding the room. 

If you’re looking to save money while completing the upgrade, there’s no better option than upcycling. Repurposing those old products won’t only offer a cost-effective alternative to buying new items. It will also ensure a unique vibe that isn’t replicated in any other home. You could breathe new life into just about any type of old furniture. This guide should provide you with ample inspiration. Furthermore, you can often pick up all the necessary accessories and additions for minimal expense. The living room certainly isn’t the only space that can benefit from those ideas, but it is a fantastic starting point nonetheless. Environmentally conscious homeowners will enjoy knowing that it’s a resourceful form of upgrade too. But even if that isn’t an incentive, upcycling should be one of the top items on your agenda. 

Use Accessories 
In many cases, you probably want to upgrade the home because of boredom rather than anything else. If you've grown tired of seeing the same room, then that’s a telling sign that you need to ignite a new sense of excitement. Replacing furniture isn’t the only option, though. Scatter cushions are a great way to give the sofa a fresh energy. Likewise, buying a luxury rug can be cheaper and more effective than replacing the entire flooring solution. As well as the financial benefits, you’ll find that it’s a faster transformation also. One of the great things about this idea is that you get to merge the comfort of familiarity with the joy of fresh ideas. If that doesn’t provide a fast, fun and cost-effective transformation, what will?

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