My Desk Tour

As well as writing this blog (and three others) in my spare time, I also work full time from home as a content writer. So as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time at my desk! Whether you're freelance, self employed, a blogger or run your own business from home- I think that a good office space (and most importantly, a good desk) really is crucial. Admittedly there have been times over the winter where I've spent the morning working from my bed, but in general I try not to do that. I find having a designated space that's just for work means it's easier to switch off at the end of the day, which is so important and something I make a genuine effort to try and do. When I'm already doing such long hours and burning the midnight oil more often than not, once I'm done for the day it's nice to just shut my brain of from it for a while! 

I was really excited about having my own office when we moved into this house, but the way things worked out it's actually one of the last rooms we've ended up completing. One of the main differences from my last home office is I've changed the colour scheme from ivory and duck egg blue, to grey and blush pink and I have to say I like it a lot more. It's not finished but has started coming together now, so I thought I'd show what it's looking like so far just because I love reading these kinds of posts! Here's what my desk area currently looks like.

Desk/ Chair
My desk is the 'Micke' from Ikea, and I really love this thing. It's enormous, in fact it's easily enough for two people to share. With two drawers it has plenty of storage, plus all of the space on top too. The chair is a simple white one from Dunelm which is temporary until I find one I love. I'm thinking about going for a padded armchair style chair which I think will be the comfiest, depending on whether I can find one which is the right height. 

A good lamp is an important feature on any desk. And isn't this just the most beautiful one you've ever seen?! It's from the desk lamp section of the Litecraft website, and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect blush shade- and if you've ever decorated your home using this colour you'll know how hard it is to find pieces that are just right. Often things can be too bright or tacky, but this is beautiful and really helps to liven up the neutral grey. It's easy to adjust so perfect as a task light, if you have a crafting hobby which you do in the evenings something like would be ideal. On top of that it's so well made, and something I'm extremely happy to have sat on my desk! For more ideas on lighting your grey and blush pink room, this graphic is really useful and has some gorgeous ideas.

On The Top
Along with the lamp, another thing on the top is my Amazon Echo Dot. I'm sure you've all heard about these by now,  I have to say I'm a fan and use mine a lot. I mainly use this one for playing music and setting reminders, but I have the larger Amazon Echo downstairs which gets used for everything else such as controlling the smart lighting and heating. You will have seen this white lantern if you've seen any of my old beauty blog posts- I used it as a photo prop for years! The notebooks are being held in what was originally a napkin holder. On the other side I have my house phone which is used for boring things like paying bills, a Yankee candle and white stationery pot. This has my most used bits of stationery just so it's in easy reach.

On The Wall
This is a simple Ikea storage holder with three containers, which I'm using to hold some of my art supplies. This is really handy since it saves space in the drawers and prevents the top from getting cluttered up, and everything I need is easy to grab. If you're in need of desk organisation I definitely recommend! I also have a hook on my wall, I spoke about this here. Usually it holds my headphones, it wasn't until I took the photos I realised they weren't where they should be- annoying.

In The Drawers
The left drawer is mainly notebooks and art supplies. The brown chest is my watercolours which is my favourite medium to use. The right is general stationery and other bits and pieces that I need during the day and for life in general. I've used a drawer divider to keep all of the smaller things from mixing up so, I'm not having to dig through to find what I need!

If you have a desk tour post, link it below so I can see! 

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