New To Gardening? Three Ways To Get Inspired

If you're new to the hobby of gardening, you'll notice that there are many difficulties and practicalities that you need to overcome before you can get into the act of actually gardening for good. What kind of soil do different plants need? Do I need a greenhouse? Which plants should I go for? There are so many questions to answer before you can even get your hands dirty! Here are some points to consider if you're hoping to get into gardening this spring.

Other Gardens
As with many other pastimes, one of the best ways to further your understanding is to look at the examples of others. From this day forward, vow to become a gardening obsessive. It is only by taking this approach that you can really learn as much as you need to learn about your own garden. Go out of your way to study other people’s gardens. Ask around with people you know and see what it is that they do with their gardens which you can take on yourself. As well as the gardens of your friends and family, you might also want to look into official gardens. These are likely to inspire you hugely and give you many great ideas to take back to your own garden.

The Internet
Where would we be without the Internet? The truth is, love it or hate it, the Internet is a fantastic source of inspiration for pretty much anything creative - and that definitely includes gardening. Online, you can find a huge number of resources which are bound to inspire you day to day. Read blogs by those who are passionate about gardening or experts in their field. Reading these is likely to give you a number of good ideas which you can work from. But let’s not forget that you also have official websites such as the royal horticultural society - these sites can offer you plenty of great information which you can use however you see fit in your own garden.

Local Allotments
It's a great idea to become a member of your local allotments, for a number of reasons. First of all, you can get a lot of practise with various gardening techniques this way. But you can also make a lot of the community that these places often provide too. These are helpful places in that they are full of professionals who know plenty about all sorts of aspects of gardening. If you join an allotment, you can easily ask around for inspiration from the many people you will find there, and this is bound to help you in the long run. Just make sure that you return the favour when you become an expert yourself!

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  1. Ah such a wonderful post, I was so happy to stumble across it. I started getting into gardening about summer time last year and since then I’ve been in my garden quite a bit. I was a complete beginner when I first started, I still have so much to learn, but I’ve found just being open to trying different things has helped. My own motivational tip would be to take before and after photos, that way you can capture the progress. I loved your tips relating to chatting to others about gardening, I think this is an important aspect. Look forward to visiting your blog again sometime! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog