Oh Canada! Why Maple Country Should Be Your Next Stop

Jet setters know what it’s like to visit somewhere new and get that pang of excitement and thrill. New land to stand on, new air to breathe. It’s just part of the package if you have the travel bug! Life is about excitement and we only get one of these, so making the most of it while we can is the only way to not look back and say ‘I wish’. Don’t wish, do. Do it now and do it well and instead of wishing you had is so much better.

With the world as large as it is, it’s a huge spread of choice when you pick your next holiday. There’s adventure, peace, empowerment and an adrenaline rush just waiting for you and you can find all these things in Canada. It’s one of the countries in the world that has it all; from beaches to mountains. Canada is a natural beauty and the secluded lakes, forests and glaciers are completely unparalleled. There’s just nothing like Canada – and they have maple syrup so that makes it worth a visit, right? Repeatedly said to be one of the world’s most liveable countries, Canada Tours are popular and often booked solid for the year. So, the question isn’t why you should be looking at Canada, it’s when you should be booking!

Some love to go on holiday for multicultural city experiences with fantastic shopping facilities. With Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver right on your doorstep in Canada there’s really no rival here. Each city has its own merits from the French history to the indigenous people. Canadian cities are in general, smaller than their USA counterparts, but the important thing to remember is that Canada is NOT the USA. The people are friendly, the crime rates are low and the shops are exquisite so you’ll be bringing the extra luggage to make sure you can shop while away. Each of the destinations in Canada has its own unique quality. In Calgary, for example, there is the Calgary Stampede: an annual rodeo. It’s a natural gateway to the Rocky Mountains so if you are a lover of scenery, the picture-perfect postcard that is Calgary will appeal to you.

There are very few countries that can boast the number of natural wonders that Canada does. More coastline, mountains, forests, lakes and even a small amount of desert, you can’t lose with choice. Canada is all about the great outdoors so the thrill seekers among you will be clamouring for the white-water rafting opportunities, skiing and hiking trails and the camping adventures that await. The Canadian people know how to put on a party and the festivals and clubs available are there for the music lovers.

Canada has something for everyone, whether you want a guided tour or time to explore on your own. The land of maple syrup never disappoints and many people choose to emigrate there, as well as go on holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Get a leg up on your next adventure and choose Canada.

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