The Art Of Living Alone

With divorce rates reasonably high and women becoming more and more independent, there is a rise in the strong, sassy female homeowner. It's said that living on your own is something we should all experience, and it doesn’t matter if you are twenty or sixty, you can enjoy the freedom of a solo life. There are thousands of women who appreciate living independently so much that they say they’ll never go back! I lived alone for a while in my early twenties and it definitely taught me a lot. As someone who doesn't have the best confidence, it showed me that actually I can do things alone if needed. It's something I'd recommend everyone gives a go if they get the chance.

One of the best things about living alone is the freedom to make your home your own, without having to worry about anyone else's opinion. It means you can have the ultimate bathroom full of pretty products, and you won’t have to worry about anyone else leaving towels lying around or clothes on the floor! You can come and go as you please and you have no-one to answer to, which is a freeing experience. Solo life means you can live as you choose. A home without distractions gives you the opportunity to improve your mental health. The positive benefits to a quiet evening without additional noise, means you can focus on meditation or yoga or even simple things like reading a book. You don’t need to worry about security, with simple and affordable technology you can ensure you are safe. Quality CCTV systems will give you peace of mind, you could even consider getting a dog if it suits your lifestyle. This is your time to be in charge. Take control and make all the decisions.

When you live alone it's important to stay social, but actually it's easier as you're more motivated to do so. When you live with a partner it's easy to make excuses for that night out or social gathering for a night on the sofa with a takeaway instead. When you live alone, you're more likely to get out there and see your friends when you can. You could hold regular girls nights where you all get together and drink cocktails or just watch movies and box sets. Get to grips with your kitchen and cook meals for a group instead of just meals for one. When you live alone it’s a good idea to get to know the neighbours. Knowing you can knock next door when life throws you challenges is a great reassurance. It's an extra set of eyes looking out for you and your property when you're not home, ideally swap phone numbers. The chances are, at some point you are going to meet the partner of your dreams, settle down and have children. There is no rush though. Before becoming a family it's a good idea to have peace with yourself, and also you need to appreciate what it takes to be the sole provider, even if just for one person and a home! This will give you a better understanding of how to work as a team, but will also provide you with the knowledge that should things go wrong, you will be ok as an independent unit.

Have you ever lived alone?

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  1. I've lived alone for around four months now and I love it! My flat is my little sanctuary xx

    Katie Leanne