We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

As we grow older, it can become harder and harder to buy gifts for the people in our lives. Maybe we know them a little too well, and every gift seems a little predictable. Once people become more settled financially it can get to the point where they already buy and own the things that they really want themselves. However there are a few fail-safe gifts that generally work for most people and occasions, and are things that people like and use. Here are some ideas! 

Everyone Loves Scented Products
Apart from the very few who feel sick every time they pass a Lush store (and really, should we trust these people?), almost everyone will be thrilled to receive something like this. Whether it's a scented candle, a bath product or a perfume it's the kind of gift that's always going to go down well. If you have an idea of the kind of scents they like you're one step ahead, if not choose a popular scent from a well known brand. There's a reason why they're popular- most people like them!

Say It With Jewellery
Jewellery is timeless. It's special, sentimental and if you choose well it's something that never goes out of style. Less expensive than gold but equally gorgeous, silver is a great choice. You could check out sites like silver.uk.com for examples of great ideas of gifts to give. You could even personalise the present that you are giving to add an extra special touch with an engraving. Or if the piece comes with stones, you could choose the colour of their birth month stone.

Memories Last a Lifetime
If you want to give something really personal, a memory box or scrapbook is a great way to go. It is full of sentiment and things that money just can't buy. You could fill it with silly photos of the two of you together, and anything that reminds you of times you've had together. Things like train tickets, receipts of trips out and other bits and bobs that remind you of them are all good additions. It doesn't have to be confined to romance (although it would make a good Valentines or anniversary gift), but can work equally well for a friend too. 

Get Creative
If you want to give a truly one of a kind gift, why not make something yourself? Pinterest has loads of ideas, if you have a skill then utilise it! You could design a print on Photoshop or write a poem and have it framed. You could make a piece of jewellery, kits are available online and places like eBay which don't cost too much. You could even get into the kitchen and bake their birthday cake for them!  Gifted along with a bunch of flowers and a card and you have the most perfect heartfelt gift that they will never have had before.

Have you got any ideas for gifts for those who are difficult to buy for?

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