A Move To The Country

Tired of the city? Droning traffic, pollution and packed public spaces can really wear on you after a while. Although cities and towns have their perks, for many the thought of a blissful life in the country has a whole lot of appeal. Sure you might not have a million conveniences on your doorstep, but instead you're met with gorgeous green spaces, fresh air and a far less hectic pace of life. When it comes to your home you'll generally get more for your money too which is no bad thing! 

Most of us buy our family homes near to good schools, work and city life. This helps to keep our commute as low as possible and ensures our children have opportunity to socialise and access plenty of activities or good opportunities. We may not have considered the rest of our future when we moved to the outskirts of the big smoke or nestled into a local town. Country living is a fantastic experience. It just so happens that there are now very few rural retreats that don’t have good access to a decent road network or a nearby shopping centre or town. If you enjoy gardening then you will have far more soil to allow your green fingers to meander through. Choosing the right rural location can be tricky. If you want to get really out in the sticks then Wales is a great choice, although with Cardiff being hailed the UK’s second capital city, there is plenty of action to be had. There has been some fantastic developments across rural wales and you will find house prices incredibly low.

The south of England has brilliant connections to London, Southampton and Birmingham. There are three international airports, Gatwick, Heathrow and Southampton and, of course, Dover or Portsmouth if you should fancy boating over to France. If you are looking for homes for sale then check out both West and East Sussex. Steeped in history and rich in landscape, you will find an abundance of activities and lots of friendly village pubs. If you've grown up in the big city, a small village in the country is likely to be different in many ways. Without all of the twenty four hour shops, bars and other attractions- 10pm at night actually feels late! Instead it's early to bed and early to rise, with many shops in villages opening as early as 7am. The locals tend to be friendlier, and people tend to take a more leisurely pace when they head to collect their morning paper.

For all it’s quirks, living in the country has many positives. So think about it, are you ready to give up a hectic and busy life in the city? Maybe moving out to the countryside will be for you!

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