Are Accessories The Answer?

Any homeowner should be aware of the power of accessories. But with so much focus on getting decor right, accessories can be overlooked. If you feel something's missing from your home, you may need to turn your attention to what accessories you can use use. They aren’t the only way to leave your mark on a room, but they're a sure way to make your house your own! So, where do you start in your quest for perfect pieces?

Find The Perfect Thing
While decor can be whatever you want it to be, accessories are a little harder to get right. The main reason being that you’re tied to the pieces you find. That’s why it’s important to search for the perfect thing. Don’t settle on substandard choices because they’re easy. Go further afield. Visit shops that aren’t local to you. Get creative with your search by visiting auction rooms. The more places you search, the better chance you stand of finding accessories you love. It can also help to have some idea of what you’re after. Do pictures of serenity appeal, or are you after ornaments instead? Keep your eyes peeled at all times. The perfect accessory could be waiting in the most unlikely place!

Make Your Own
You could save yourself the search by making your accessories. This is the best way to ensure you get the pieces you’re after! If you’re good with paints, make your own wall art. Or, get your sewing machine out and make the perfect cushions to suit your room! Repurposing is fantastic for accessories, too. Think twice before you throw old clothes away. Is there any way you could incorporate them into your home? It’s also worth thinking about how you could use old pieces of wood, or pallets. There’s potential in everything if you know how to see it! 

On The Outside
Your accessory quest doesn’t stop inside, either. The outside of your home is what everyone sees, so it makes sense you get that right, too! Start with bespoke house name plaques. These are a fantastic way to make an impact. Not to mention that they’ll help people find you! Then, turn your attention to accessorizing your front lawn. Far from traditional gnomes, garden accessories can look fantastic if you do them right. Again, make sure to search for the perfect pieces. 

Know How To Use Them
Having the right accessories won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use them. It’s important you spend some time finding the perfect places! Bad positioning can ruin the impact of fantastic accessories. Make sure you display your choices in a place where they’re visible. Don’t hide them behind the door! These could be centerpieces of your rooms if you allow them to be. Think about the way the light falls on your picks. Reflect on whether they draw the eye as soon as you walk into the room. If not, rearrange them until they do!

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