Banish Winter Skin And Welcome Spring

Our skin takes a bit of a battering over the winter months. Cold weather, central heating, and over indulging all take their toll. With spring well on its way, it’s time to banish that winter skin and embrace a fresh new season. 

Skin can begin to look a little dull over the winter months. Exposure to rain and falling temperatures can dry it out. For a quick pick-me-up, try a gentle exfoliating cream. Never use harsh products on the face, which can leave skin sore and damaged. Instead, opt for a gentle skin polish which will carefully remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the appearance of your epidermis. Then apply a moisturiser. As we move away from winter, it’s time to put away heavy creams and turn to lighter moisturisers. Look for formulas with a multi-functional approach such as the Vitage antioxidant skincare range. Moisturisers that hydrate, repair and replenish will restore, freshen and brighten your skin. If you’re feeling a little pasty after those dark winter months a bit of fake tan works wonders. As the season progresses and your skin becomes darker, you can lighten up on the foundation and base products and allow your natural tan to show through.

Like the face, hands and nails are also exposed to the elements throughout the year. During autumn and winter, they can become dry, and cuticles can crack. This is not only unsightly, but it feels sore. Apply a nourishing moisturiser and rub it into your cuticles before you go to bed. Do this each evening until they heal. Going forward, find a hand cream to suit your skin type and apply it after each hand wash and in between if necessary. Never cut your cuticles, which can expose them to infection. Instead, use orange sticks and gently push them back. Apply your hand and cuticle cream liberally to keep them moisturised. Spring is a great excuse to look for some new nail polishes. Opt for lighter colours and coordinate with your spring wardrobe. 

Our feet are largely hidden in thick woollen tights and boots during winter. Therefore, their maintenance is not always a priority. Give your feet a little TLC with the following: Soak your feet for ten or fifteen minutes to soften the skin. Use a buffer or pumice to gently slough away hard skin around the balls of the feet and heels. Apply a foot cream and then put on soft socks and keep them on overnight. When you file your toenails, ensure they are even and square. Then apply a nail polish to match your fingernails. During the summer, heels have a tendency to become cracked and sore. To avoid this, apply foot cream each day, or twice a day if necessary. Use a buffer to keep feet smooth and remove hard skin before it cracks. 

Establishing and maintaining a good beauty routine is usually all it takes to keep on top of your skin. However, between the seasons, it’s sometimes necessary to step this up a little and apply some additional fixes.

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