Are You Making The Most of Your Life?

It can seem like everyone around us is making the most of their lives. Whether they’re travelling around the globe to beautiful countries (on a seeminly never-ending budget), getting married to their dream partner, gaining promotions in their fantastically amazing and well-paid careers or settling down to start a perfect family. Overwhelming is one word for it; unrealistic is another.  Social media is to blame for a lot of the unrealistic expectations we set ourselves; when we're watching another person live their life what we tend to be looking at is their 'highlights reel'. So they could be maxing out their credit cards and have huge bills to pay when they get back from their travels that they won’t be able to cover. Their jobs might have no benefits and are actually really dull, the most beautiful person is actually quite mean and the cutest babies haven’t let their parents sleep more than two hours since the day they were born. There are swings and roundabouts to every situation, because that's what life is like. However it's easy to see someone's best bits and believe that their lives really are perfect. Instead of comparing yourself to other, what you need to focus on is you. Channel your energy and efforts into your life and stop looking at how others are living theirs. There are ways and means to start this, but it takes a certain amount of self determination to do it. 

Go Dating
Have you been single for a while, and find yourself ready to meet someone new? If you're at a good place in your life where you're happy alone but wouldn't mind finding someone to share it with then now is the time to act as you want, rather than need a partner. You're not looking to fill a void or replace an ex, instead, are looking to find a connection with someone that can make your already great life even better. Most people tend to meet online these days, and there are lots of free dating sites you can try if you don't fancy parting with cash. otherwise, you could do things the old fashioned way. Start a new hobby as a way to meet people, or ask friends to introduce you to those they know who might be suitable. 

Limit Social Media
It’s hard to get started on your own path when you’re more concerned with the paths of others. As a whole, we are spending way too much time on social media - some of us have an addiction to it without even realising. If you go onto your phone and are more likely to open up an app linking you back to some social media platform rather than use it for anything else, chances are that you’ve got a little bit of a problem. It’s an easy way to pass the time, but one that is so toxic to our mindset. Try cutting it off for a bit and deleting easily-accessible apps. It's all very well using them to keep in contact with people, but chances are you spend most of your time just scrolling through mindless rubbish people are sharing. You could even go one step further and deactivate or delete your account. 

Be Kind 
A lot of people who get to genuinely good places in their lives have done so by being recognised as kind and dependable people. It’s not a trait that you can master quickly; you’ve either got it or you haven’t. If you know that you have got it but haven’t used it recently, have a think of ways that you could approach this situation. You could try using nicer words to your colleagues, offering to do odd jobs that are easy for you but hard for others to do and keep an open mind to everything.

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