Five Awesome Upgrades That Will Add Value To Your Home

Even if you’re not thinking about moving house right now, it’s always nice to know that there are ways to improve the value of your property, especially if they also improve your quality of living. Here are some tips on the top ways to improve your home and your future profit on your house at the same time...

An Attic Conversion
If you’re thinking about extending your family or you’d just like a little extra space, an attic conversion is the perfect solution. What’s the point in that dusty little box of a room at the top of your house if it isn’t being used for anything except storing your Christmas decorations? If you convert it into rooms, you could get a bathroom up there along with an extra bedroom or maybe even some extra living space, along with some storage space under the eaves where the roof slants too steeply for you to be able to stand up comfortably. A loft conversion can add 50% of its cost to the value of your home - and having an extra bathroom and bedroom will also look great on your property description.

Double Glazing
Let’s face it, these days no one in their right mind would buy a house that didn’t have double glazing so it’s high time that you get with the program and make sure that all your windows are double glazed, which has the helpful effect of both keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Not only is it convenient but double glazing will also lower your energy bills thanks to less heat being lost through the thin glass of single glazed windows.

A Conservatory
There’s nothing better than a conservatory to add a little extra space to the ground floor of your home, whether you want to turn it into a gorgeous light-filled kitchen or you want a contemporary conservatory where you can curl up with a magazine or a good book. If you want an extra dining space in your home then you can always deck the top of the conservatory with fairy lights for the most magical dinner parties you could imagine. Just remember that if you get a conservatory, you might have to tame the wilderness of your back garden so that you can enjoy sitting amidst greenery.

A New Kitchen
Kitchens are some of the first things that people look for when they’re buying a new house. Elan Kitchens outlines several tell-tale signs that your 'hub of the home' needs updating, and will add value if you sell later on as well as being practical in the here and now. Remember to focus on light and space, and to prepare yourself pre-renovation by investing in a hot plate and mini fridge since your cooking space might be out of action for a while.

A Bathroom Renovation
Finally, a new bathroom can add almost 50% of the renovation cost onto the value of your home - and in all honesty it’s a change that you know is going to be absolutely worth it when you’re standing in your beautiful shower under a cascading waterfall spray. Treat yourself just as much as your bank account.

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