Happy Hobbies For Better Health

Health and wellbeing are closely interlinked, and if you feel happy chances are you'll take better care of your health. If you’re thinking about starting up a new hobby (or reviving and old one) then why not choose one that helps you achieve both? Here are just a few ideas for regular activities that could become your happy hobby for life.

There are many types of Yoga. Some are spiritual while others focus on using the postures and poses to better your health and fitness. Most towns and cities offer dozens of different Yoga classes, but you can enjoy Yoga practice in your own home. You will need a workout mat, comfy, stretch workout pants, and somewhere peaceful to practice. Why not create a zen garden, or repurpose your garage?

What Are The Health Benefits?
Yoga increases your energy levels, strengthens your core, and improves your flexibility. You should find better clarity of thought and reduced stress.

You don’t have to own a horse to enjoy a weekly ride. Contact your local equestrian centre to see if there is a horse available to ride. If you’ve never done this before, check to see if they offer adult lessons. You need to have a proper riding hat, long riding boots, some gloves and an appropriate jacket. You’ll probably need to pay for lessons or each ride if you don’t own your horse. Find good stables to join.

What Are The Health Benefits?
You need quite a good level of fitness for horse riding. All that fresh air as you ride will certainly help you sleep. Horse riding also strengthens and tones your thighs and glutes. 

Playing a musical instrument uses more parts of your brain simultaneously than any other activity. Choose a wind instrument, keyboard instrument, or string instrument. All are accessible to adults, and there are plenty of good instrumental teachers around. Best of all, you can start jamming with your pals and composing your own pieces. You'll need a good quality instrument, some music books, a metronome app, and time to practice.

What Are The Health Benefits?
Your focus and concentration will increase, and your stress levels will go down. You’ll enjoy more social benefits too. Playing a musical instrument is quite physically demanding as well, so you’ll be burning calories as you go.

There is no need to own a high-end digital SLR to enjoy photography, although if you're serious about the hobby it's a worthwhile investment. If not, smartphone cameras these days are pretty great for casual photography enthusiasts. You can upload your images to cloud-based services like Instagram or Facebook to free up your phone’s storage too. An idea is all it takes to create a great series of images. Pick a theme, or just wander through your local neighbourhood snapping the things that make it special. Your phone will do, but consider using a digital camera for the zoom lens.

What Are The Health Benefits?
Photography requires you to get out and about to find the people and places you want to capture. Even studio work is high-energy and physically demanding. You’ll get fresh air and be able to keep idle thumbs busy. Best of all, you’ll be able to combine long walks or hikes with your favourite hobby. 

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