Is Wood Making A Comeback?

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Wood is a material that's widely known for its timeless appeal. In fact, it's something that has been used in construction ever since humans started building things. But something has changed recently, according to the The Times. Designers and interior enthusiasts are returning to wood in droves, following a long hiatus since the 1970s. We’re not talking pine anymore: this is wood but with a 21st-century twist. According to Brian Patrick Flynn, a designer who models modern interior space, he and his fellow designers have been drawn back to wood because of its versatility and natural beauty. Up until now, most homeowners have been using wood to build new decking for their gardens. But Flynn says that wood is making its way, slowly but surely, back into home interiors. Here is what Flynn and his fellow designers say are hot trends in using wood this year.

Trend #1: Using Reclaimed Wood
A leading reason why people choose to use wood is because they want to give their homes a rustic feel. This has led many designers and homeowners to upcycle otherwise abandoned wood from older buildings and building them into their new, modern designs. Opportunities to use wood are everywhere in our homes, from bed headboards to coffee tables to sliding doors. Weathered wood, says Ronique Gibson, an architect, helps to add character to an otherwise sterile space. She says that homeowners can either leave the wood weathered or polish it up before installing it in their homes.

Trend #2: Use Natural Colour And Texture
The beauty of wood is contained primarily in its natural color and texture. This is why Gibson says that softwoods should be chosen to suit the room. Some softwoods are light and airy, while others are dark and moody. Some a grayed, meaning that they work well for people who like the ultra-modern look, while others are bright, ideal for people who love coastal-themed homes. Gibson says that darker colours give an impression of formality and are great for evoking masculinity and glamour. Light fir patterns work well in contemporary interiors.

Trend #3: Wood-Finished Ceilings
A tragedy of interior design in most modern homes is the fact that the ceiling is often left exactly as it was when the house was first built. But ceilings are an essential part of building interest in a space and helping a room achieve its full potential. Flynn says that adding wood to the ceiling, be it in the form of trim or decking, helps to emphasise the rest of the decorative elements in the room. Because wood ceilings are so unusual, they’re the type of thing that will cause visitors to pause and admire the spaces you create.

Trend #4: Statement Walls
Statement walls have been around for awhile, especially in the bedroom and kitchen. But so far, they’ve haven’t been implemented in the lounge - and if they have, it’s been using paint. Sandra Powell, the author of the Sawdust Girl blog, says that panelled walls are an excellent way to create a statement in your living room. Stained wood, she says, adds character to your home.

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