Make Yourself Feel Beautiful In Five Easy Steps

In today's busy world, making yourself feel beautiful can seem like a step too far - the last thing on a long list of priorities and so never quite gets ticked off. But the truth is that feeling beautiful isn’t just about looking in the mirror and being delighted with what you see there. On the contrary, it’s about feeling a quieter sort of satisfaction in yourself as a whole. It's not about being shallow and vain, it's about self confidence and happiness from within, so is something that warrants a little time each day. Here are some tips on how to make yourself feel beautiful at absolutely any age...

Get Fit And Healthy
Winter is finally drawing to a close, which means that your hibernation period’s over and it’s time to get back into the real world! Exercise might seem like a step too far after the indulgence of spending the winter on the couch watching films and drinking hot chocolate and occasionally venturing outside to play in the snow, but if you want to feel good on the beach this summer then it’s a good idea to start making lifestyle changes that will help you get trim and toned. First of all, start eating in moderation - cut down your portion sizes, but don’t cut anything except for overly processed food out of your diet altogether. Eating ‘clean’ is a myth because that implies that some sorts of eating are ‘dirty’ - but making some food the enemy is an unhealthy way to think about your diet. It’s a better idea to simply make sure you eat a couple of squares of chocolate instead of the entire bar. If you’re not sure how to get fit and active, and you don’t really want to join a gym, then why not try walking? Borrow a neighbour’s dog if you can and go for a walk around the block a couple of times a day. You could also go hiking with your family at a local beauty spot at the weekend. Once you have more stamina you’ll feel a lot happier about undertaking more intensive exercise.

Update Your Wardrobe
A lot of us seem to have bulging closets full of clothes and still nothing to wear unless we recycle the same old faithful outfits over and over again. First of all it’s time to declutter your wardrobe - donate everything that no longer fits you (why would you put yourself under pressure to lose fifteen pounds just so you can fit into your pre-baby jeans?), and that you haven’t worn in a while. You may think that you can use a load of your clothes for costume parties but let’s face it, how many of those does an adult really get invited to in their lifetime? Once you have more space, it’s time to start investing in your clothes. Sure, it’s always going to be great to buy a few cheaper pieces of throwaway fashion each season from stores like H&M, but you should also make sure that you spend decent money on items like boots, coats and jeans - you’ll be keeping them for a long time so quality is absolutely key.

Experiment With Beauty And Skincare
Some cleverly placed makeup really can make a big difference. Some foundation to even out your skin tone, some concealer to hide blemishes and mascara to make your eyes look more awake. They're just a few products that you could try out if you don't currently wear much makeup. But if you’re uncertain about where to start with makeup but you’d like to learn then why not go to your local beauty counter and ask for some advice? They’ll be able to tell you what colours will suit you and how to apply the different products. Make sure that you practise at home by yourself after that so that you feel confident when you go out having blended your brand new eyeshadows! Finally, remember that your skincare routine is even more important than your beauty regime. Make sure that you moisturise and put on sunscreen before you apply your makeup, and that you put on night cream and eye cream before you go to bed every night. You should also make sure that you remove all your makeup carefully, and that you quit smoking. Both can cause wrinkles and discolouration in your skin.

Get Accessorising
A great way to make yourself feel good about your appearance is to add a little sparkle to it. No one’s saying that you need to start staying up late and hotgluing sequins to all your sweaters - although obviously, that sounds fun and being a human disco ball should be everyone’s ultimate aim - but adding some pretty jewelry to outfits along with a new bag and shoes won’t do anyone any harm. You can make any outfit with accessories, from pairing jeans with heels or sneakers to dressing down a formal gown with a pair of heeled boots. If you’re not sure where to start, gold jewelry always looks classic and works with any outfit, whether it's a bracelet, a simple necklace or a pair of earrings. If your budget is smaller, there are lots of inxpensive pieces you can find in shops like Primark or even on eBay. 

Surround Yourself With Positivity
Finally, it’s time to get some positivity into your life. If you aren’t surrounded by people who treat you with love and kindness, how can you possibly feel beautiful? Some friends throw jellyfish comments into conversations (comments that silently sting you) and let’s face it: life’s too short to have them around. Spend time by yourself and indulge yourself in the hobbies that you love, even if you have to wander around bookstores and go to art galleries by yourself. Feeling beautiful is about more than your appearance - it’s also knowing that you treat people with decency and kindness and that you’re constantly trying to improve yourself. Beauty truly does come from within.

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