A Change of Career: Could Teaching Be For You?

Passing on skills and knowledge and inspiring a generation of individuals is so important, after all- today's children are tomorrow's workforce. For this reason, it could be said that teaching is one of the most important jobs there is. However increased workloads and low pay have left many us turning away from the option. We only have to turn on the news to see one teacher strike after another, and in all honesty who can blame them? However in truth, there are many benefits to teaching. It might be hard work and the pay isn't always the best, but there's a whole lot of job satisfaction to be had. You're able to influence the lives of young people in the most positive way, and the stakes don’t get much better than that. 

How Long Will It Take?
If you already have a degree, it doesn't take too much more studying to become a teacher. You need to gain a QTS qualification that takes just one year, and from there you become a newly qualified teacher ready to start their induction year. You can find great primary teaching resources which are particularly helpful if you're in the early stages. They’ll help you to plan lessons and provide invaluable resources, in the early days take all the help you can get! Becoming a teacher means that within a year you can have a well respected job, even if you've previously worked as something completely different. Switching to other types of careers might mean starting at the very bottom and working your way up, which could take many years. 

What Should I Teach?
Primary school teachers teach children all subjects. But if you have a subject you’re passionate about,  you could consider becoming a tutor, secondary school teacher or university lecturer. Lecturers generally need a degree, a masters and possibly a PHD. You don't need a teaching qualification for this but it could still be worth taking one anyway. Teaching doesn't have to be purely academic either, are you passionate about a sport, music, art or other activity? The great thing about teaching is it allows you to utilise your skills, gain new ones and pass on your passions to others. It gives you have the freedom to teach things about your subject that kids will find fascinating, and do it in the most fun ways you can think of. No one likes a teacher who only sticks to the textbooks; think outside the box and watch your children soar.

Why Become a Teacher?
Of course, passion for one subject isn’t the only reason people go into teaching. For some, a love of children is the primary motivation. Teaching is a way to ensure future generations have the best opportunities and you get to enjoy the company of kids in the process. You may not realise how much children have to teach you, but it’ll become apparent as soon as you set out on your teaching journey. We all remember those teachers that made school worth attending. Their lessons are the ones we remember most vividly. They are the inspiration for our passions, and often the direction our lives take.

Would you consider a career in teaching?

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