Your Answer To Employee Issues

Employee issues at work can arise from a multiplex of situations resulting from cause and effect. Some of them are ultimately fair, yet others are not. There are always more ways than one to handle any given issue, you need to judge the moment in its entirety and come to the best solution you can. Remember, you should always try to send them back to work happy. If they aren’t then their productivity will take a beating and their work could come out riddled with mistakes. Avoid this as much as possible. Your business is the most important thing here and you need to ensure its survivability by making sure your employees are at the top of the game. Management is tough. There is no doubt about that. But when you are running a business too it can quickly all stack up. Everyone's style is different. Just remember to be respectful, and don't be the boss that everyone loves to hate. You may have dealt with some of these issues before in differing ways with varying success, it could have been anything from employee conduct issues to attendance problems in your workforce, even boundary issues. Consider taking the tips offered here and employ them at your discretion. 

Not Getting Paid Properly
Some may approach you and be absurdly polite, requesting that they have a pay discrepancy. Whereas others will be kicking and screaming, demanding to know why they have not been paid. If this happens more often than not, then you need to hire someone who is a pro at payroll. Find an experienced payroll recruiter, you could hire one yourself or outsource to a third party company. You need expertise here, stop the mistakes from happening because whatever systems you are using right now clearly aren’t working properly. If people aren’t getting the money they are owed, then why should they work at their hardest for you? It is a logical conclusion to draw. Do all you can to mitigate these mistakes as they can be deadly. If you can't afford to recruit someone new, then make someone in charge of it and hold them accountable. Ensure they have the time to do the job properly and the training to cope with the pressure.

Employees will often fall into disagreements with each other. When people are working close to each other all the time it is likely to happen. They could be angry about something that happened in work or it could be an out of work grievance that is affecting their productivity. You may not find out about it until the problem has reached its zenith, even so, you need to get it sorted as fast as possible. Be objective, look at the issues from both sides and consider how it makes each person feel. When you get to the bottom of it, make sure they are on working terms again. It may warrant some form of disciplinary action on your part, but be discreet and be caring. Yes, they work for you and need to be at their best but they are also human beings. Think about simple things. Move their desks apart so they interact less. Do whatever it takes to see them happy and working at an agreeable level.

Sabotage Or Industrial Espionage
Employee loyalty issues happen more than you may think. One or more of your workers could be passing information onto a competitor. Or they could be ensuring their productivity is limited and as a result your business output hamstrung. It may be an agonising wait before you find out. The key to finding out is through respect. Ensure the workers like and respect you. Because if they do then you have more chance of someone coming to you in confidence and telling you. Act with speed and poise. Do not get mad, even though you may be simmering with anger inside. Master your emotion and be the best you can be. Investigate the accusation and fire the individuals as soon as you can to stop them doing more damage. It may be worth suspending them on full pay as you investigate, to limit their ability to do what they have been doing. Show due process, this way if they take you to court for unfair dismissal you can back up every action you have taken. Logic is your friend here.

Wanting A Pay Increase
This is an issue because it means more money going out when you never expected it. Treat each case on its own merit. If one of your best workers wants a fair raise then really consider it and give it. It could keep them in your business and stop them looking elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to refuse though. It could be a bad time for you, or you could not think they deserve it. Meet halfway, set them attainable targets to hit and only then give them the agreed pay rise. Be firm but fair. Be careful too, because if you give someone a pay rise, another may want one too, and so on. Consider non-disclosure agreements. This way you stop a queue at your door with each person asking for a pay rise.

Low Productivity
If your employee behaviour issues are are seeing low productivity then you need to find out why. It could be that something has happened at home, in which case try to be understanding and get to the bottom of the issues. If there is nothing wrong, look to other answers. Is the internet too slow or not working properly? Maybe you need to go with a different provider. Perhaps your workforce need upskilling or training on software or equipment. Perhaps their chairs in your place of work are really uncomfortable, replace them. Shoulder and back problems can lead to long terms of absence. You are better off forking out and paying for good chairs that promote good health. It shows your workforce you care, which will up their respect for you and they’ll like you more which is another key to good work and strong productivity.

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