Your Best Friend's Wedding: What Being a Maid of Honour Involves

Your friend or family member getting married is exciting enough itself, but if you've been asked to be maid of honour then it's really a cause for celebration! However as well as being exciting, maid comes a certain amount of responsibility. If you've never helped to plan a wedding it can be somewhat daunting, you might even be unsure of what a maid (or matron) of honour should be doing. Here are a few of the responsibilities that you might have, get clued up and you'll make it easy to pull off with minimal stress.

Help with Dresses
As the ‘leader’ of the bridesmaid troop, one of your jobs will need to take upon yourself is helping with dresses. First of all, it will be helping the bride attend fittings and giving some input and advice. Second, it will be to help with all things bridesmaid dress. You might be responsible for picking them up and checking that all the bridesmaids get the right shoes or attend makeup or hair trials if that is what you are deciding to do. Just being on hand to help with anything the bride needs related to dresses is key.

The Hen Party
The hen party, or bachelorette party, is one of the responsibilities of the maid of honour. The bride’s last big hurrah as a single lady. So no pressure! It might be that your bride would prefer something more subdued like a spa day with you and the other bridesmaids. A night out might be the preferred option, or even a weekend trip away if you’re feeling organised. You don’t want to do it as a complete surprise for your bride, though. So do get some input from there, as well as the other bridesmaids. It will just be your job to bring it all together. Have a look into custom t-shirt printing and some made up, emblazoned with funny or embarrassing nicknames to add some extra humour to the day!

Attend Rehearsals
If there are any wedding rehearsal type of events, make sure that you are. You need to know what is going on and who needs to be where. You will take the bride’s bouquet on the day, just after walking down the aisle, so make sure that you practice that through. You should get to know all of the other wedding party too. You and the best man will be coupled together for things like walking back up the aisle and first dances, so make sure you are introduced, if you don’t know each other already.

The Bride’s Right Hand Woman
On the actual wedding day, you just need to be there to help with everything the bride needs. So having a bag to keep things like her phone safe a small makeup kit is a big help. You’ll even be the one helping the bride to the loo if her dress is too big, so be prepared for anything!

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