Coming Out Of The Creative Closet

Are you a closet creative? Many of us have creative outlets that stay in a drawer, never to be seen by anyone but ourselves. Of course, creativity is still valid when we lock it away (it's the act of creating that matters most) but so much enjoyment can be had from sharing it with others. And, if you can make a little money from your creations, you’ll feel even better. Nothing is as validating as knowing someone is willing to pay for what you’ve made. It is, however, important to note that a career in creativity isn’t going to happen overnight. You will need to start small and keep your day job. Over time, you may build enough of an audience to create full time. But, patience is key. Here are a few ways you can start getting your creations seen. 

Share Online
You may have to share what you make for free before you see a return on it. Writers, musicians, and photographers know this more than most. Sharing online is a fantastic way to build an audience, and you can’t make money without one. Putting work on creative forums like Deviantart also offers the chance to communicate with other creators. You will be able to get tips and tricks from them. They may also know people who could help you progress. Plus, if you support their work, they’re sure to support yours. You could share audiences, and give each other a boost. Connections aside, putting work online is a good way to ease yourself into sharing. It may take a while to build confidence if you haven’t shown anyone what you do before.

Go Postal
Once you’ve built a small audience, start trying to sell your work. As your audience is online, it makes sense you’d start to sell online, too. Sign up to sell on a site like Etsy, or pay for a domain and set up a selling page. Make sure that your work is the best quality possible. The impression you make in those early stages is crucial. It’s also worth stocking up on any equipment you might need. You’ll need copies of your work to send out, so good quality paper is essential. You’ll also need to stock up on postal equipment, like postal tubes, to ensure your work arrives in one piece. Companies like Postal tube shop are your best bet here, and you can visit their website for more info. Buying online offers you the chance to shop around for the best deal, so make sure to do your research. Buying in bulk may also save you money. 

Hit The Fairs
Once you’ve been selling for a while, you may want to consider attending some craft fairs. For a small fee, you can buy a stall and get selling. This will be the first time you deal with customers face to face, so it may take courage. But, if you want to make more of your creations, you need to get out there at some point!

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