Could A Career In Event Planning Be Right For You?

Do you like going out and enjoying yourself? Of course. Everybody does. The best part of doing something that you really enjoy is sometimes not the act of doing it itself, but the expectation that you feel in the run up to it. Maybe it is excitement that you feel, or nerves, or perhaps a mix of the two. In any case, such events are the things that make the rest of the week worth it. Whether it is a party, a street festival, or something more sedate such as a book club, it is a lot of fun. The interesting thing about this is that some people get to go to these sorts of thing every day and that is because they organised them. Imagine getting to go to a party every night? Sounds fun right? Well maybe event organising is something that you could do too. 

You probably already have some experience. Perhaps you organised a friend’s surprise party. It can be more difficult than it sounds. You have to arrange the whole thing without them finding out. Talking to all the people you want to invite may be easier now you can just create a group chat between them, excluding the birthday boy or girl of course. But then you have to think about a venue, food, entertainment. The list goes on and on. But at the end, your reward is seeing your friend happy and getting to enjoy the party too. To make the jump to doing it full time, you would have to organise more than just surprise parties, but if it is something that you can see yourself doing, here are a few things to think about first: 

With bigger events, especially ones that are open to the public, you have to think about security. You may not be that tough yourself, so the wise thing to do is hire a company like Cannon Guards Security Services. Making sure a potential event is safe is the most important thing and once you have professionals who can take care of it for you, you can get on with thinking about the fun stuff. Using nearly any venue, unless it is your own home, is subject to someone’s permission being granted. Even if you want to hold an event at a local park, you will first need to speak to your local city council. They will assess the potential risks associated and tell you if the event can go ahead or not. Otherwise, if it is a privately owned building, you will have to rent it. 

People have all sorts of needs, and if you are organising an event for them, you have to make sure they are met. Many can be quite staid such as ensuring that in the event of an emergency, there are protocols in place to deal with it. Another is ensuring that there are first aiders present, and of course that there are enough toilet facilities. These are just some of the practical concerns. The real fun starts when you use your creativity and passion to make your event truly special.

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