Don't Worry, Be Happy


Baz Luhrmann produced the soundtrack to a lot of people’s lives, those who wanted to fulfill their own prophecies. But among all the wisdom that he spewed in his big hit, Wear Sunscreen, one stands out above them all, don’t worry about the future, or worry, but know that worry is about as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. That doesn’t mean worries and stresses aren’t going to crop in your day to day lives. They will. It is part of being alive. However, while stress and worry are inevitable, some are more legitimate than others, and some shouldn’t be worried about at all. We’re going to concentrate on the latter. So what are the things you don’t need to worry about?

Things You Can’t Change
There are things that can cause you stress that you simply can’t change, so try and accept that and move on. For example, things that happened in the past have happened; there is no changing that. Sorry. So instead of worrying about how it may have affected your here and now, try and use that experience to grow, try and use it for your own personal betterment. 

Where You’ll Be In A Decade
Don’t confuse this with planning for the future because planning for the future is important. Thinking about things like what you eat, how much you exercise and a SIPP plan are all going to be beneficial. That’s the truth. But so is the fact that no one knows where they are going to be in 10 years time. Just look back 10 years; did you really think you’d be where you are or have gone through the things you have gone through? Whether you believe in fate or believe that life is one massive series of chance encounters, it is totally random from your point of view, so embrace that and stop worrying about something that is 3650 days away. 

The Opinions Of Other People
There is a quote about opinions that ends with the fact everyone has got one. It is part and parcel of life. People are going to gossip, they’re going to talk, they’ll fuel rumors and see perceptions as reality. So why not just give them something to talk about and get on with your life? We’d rather be the subject of conversations than the people doing the talking every day of the week. 

Trying To Be The Person Your Family Wants You To Be
This can be one of the hardest stresses to overcome. We try and live in the eye of our family when we should be living in the heart of ourselves. Yes, your parents are immensely important; they are the people that raised you, looked after you, stood by you and supported you. But that doesn’t mean you owe them your freedom or being. No. Be true to you because life just isn’t long enough to do anything else. You may do stupid things, things you regret and regretful things you can’t change, but they are for you to do and learn from, as well as things for your parents to warn you off. Simple.

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