Five Home Office Essentials That Make Life Easier

Working from home has so many great benefits. You have the world’s shortest commute, no bitchy work mates, zero transport costs and there's no-one micromanaging you. However there is a lot more responsibility in many other ways- you have no one to give you a boost (so being self motivated is a must) and you have to make space in your home for a working environment. This means you need to identify for yourself what you need for your home office so that you can work productively. Your home office needs to be well-equipped for your needs, so once you make the leap from employee to self employed you're ready to get straight down to work. Here are some home office essentials that will make your working life easier.

If you have a spare room in the home you can use as the office instead of the dining table or the kitchen, utilise it as somewhere quiet, away from the rest of the family. Working from home means you don’t have a chance to leave the living area of the home to get to work. Making yourself an office with the right light and ventilation can make you feel like you’re ‘going to work’ and you can decorate it however you like. There are plenty of designs online like this one for you to take inspiration from. Make it your own, private space where you can concentrate.

Home offices require computers that work to the exact specifications you need to run your business efficiently. Refurbished computers may be more affordable if you’re just starting out and you need the memory, so check out the M Suite website for information on those. If you can, get yourself a tablet as well, as this way you can work from anywhere should you have to, without lugging a laptop around with you. You can split your home phone line so you have a socket in your office. This allows you to buy a business telephone number if you need one so you can have it separate from your house phone.

As with an actual office outside the home, you’ll need the right desk and chair. Ergonomic furniture matters here as you want to be able to work comfortably without straining any part of your body. Your chair should mould to your body and support you correctly, and your desk should be at the right height. Adding cushions to your keyboard will also support your wrists as you type.

Alongside your new, ergonomically correct furniture, you’ll need some decent storage. Even if you have plans to be a mostly paperless office, you’ll still have paperwork you need to keep and file. Not just paperwork, but office supplies like sticky notes, business cards, folders and pens need to be kept tidy in your space. Storage is a necessity.

Of all the office machinery you’d need, a shredder is a must. Dealing with sensitive paperwork is a guarantee in a business and a shredder will allow you to destroy confidential information properly. Consider a recycling bin for other paperwork you need to get rid of that doesn’t have confidential information.