Get The Cozy Factor, But Only When You Want It

The temperate climate of the UK is both a blessing and a curse. While we might begrudge the rainy, cold winters, and whine about the lack of real summer, it’s far easier to dress for the weather here. That being said, if it were Florida-style sweltering, all year round, we wouldn’t need to put any consideration into heating our homes, and if it were northern Norway-style freezing, cooling wouldn’t be much of a consideration. The problem is, our homes are usually designed with keeping warm in mind, but cooling them in summer can be a bit trickier. Well, we want the best of both worlds! Here’s how to make sure you can get the cosy factor, but only when you want it!

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Insulation
Insulation isn’t just for winter - it’s essential all year round. If, in summer, your house is sweltering in the daytime but freezing at night, you probably want to look at your insulation. By its very nature, it’s great for keeping the heat in in the winter, but it should also be amazing at keeping the warmth out in the summer too. Loft and wall insulation are brilliant investments, so try not to see them just as a winter necessity - you’ll actually feel the benefit all year round.

Take a Look at Your Windows
When your walls and roof are well insulated, the weak point becomes the windows and their frames. In winter, warm air will escape through any tiny gaps, and it’ll also escape through the glass. Double, or triple, glazing helps to minimise heat lost through glass as it contains a gap, making it difficult for heat to move between both panes of glass. In summer, the same thing happens - the solar heat is far less likely to penetrate the room when you have double glazing. It can actually be better in summer to keep windows closed while the sun’s out, and block the light with blinds, and then release any trapped heat at night when the ambient temperature is cooler.

Keep your Boiler in Tip Top Condition
There’s nothing worse than getting to autumn or winter, only to discover that your boiler gave up the ghost at some point since spring, and now you’re stuck in a freezing home, waiting for a plumber to come and fix it. Whether you’re using a gas oil or conventional boiler, keep turning it on once a month or so throughout the summer months, just to check it’s all working fine. Be sure to get it serviced regularly too, just to be on the safe side.

Consider Investing in a Smart Heating System
The beauty of a smart heating system or a smart thermostat is the possibility of heating and cooling each room differently, depending on the desires of its inhabitants, or whether it’s even necessary to heat or cool it. The added benefit of being able to control it remotely from your smartphone is definitely a bonus.

Getting the temperature right in your house is essential for comfort, just don’t let yourself be conned into thinking that temperature control is only for winter.

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