How to Approach the Future With Confidence and a Smile

The future is an unpredictable mess of outcomes that could drive you insane if you think about it too much. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it with confidence. Whether it’s your financial situation you’re worried about or your choice of career that has you regretting every single work day, then here are a couple of ways to take control of your future.

Live Without Regret
Let’s say you were given a choice between a job you love that pays less than you currently earn, and a job you absolutely despise that pays more. What you pick is your personal preference, but what you need to think about isn’t the money you make or how much enjoyment you have. But will you be able to pick a decision and stick to it without regret? In other words, can you live knowing that you hate your job but make more money, or would you prefer to love your job because you don’t care about money? If you have other commitments outside of your job, such as children or a part time hobby, then you might be content with doing a job you hate for more money. However, if your job takes up a lot of time and it’s the main thing in your life, then you want to do something you enjoy even if it makes less money.

Plan Ahead, But Within Reason
If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s for example, it's a little early to be thinking about your retirement fund. Instead you could be saving for a mortgage, money to travel or being able to provide for your child’s college fund. Priorities are important, and you need to live in the present more than you live in the future.You might be smiling about having the funds saved up to retire happily, but if that’s 30 years into the future and you’ve still not paid off your mortgage, then you might not have a home to retire to! If you are struggling with managing your finances, then consider using a service like Partridge Muir & Warren in order to give you some financial advice. Remember never to live in the past or too far into the future, focus on the present and have a list of priorities.

Focus on Your Happiness
Plenty of people have fulfilling and happy lives without being millionaires because they focus on what’s important to them. Be it a hobby to improve your health, something you’ve been passionate about since you were young, or just being able to provide your children with a comfortable life, find things that make you happy and focus on achieving those goals. Positive changes in your life can make a world of difference, and the only way to reach those goals is to focus on them and minimise the number of distractions you have in life. Sometimes that means spending money, sometimes that means moving on, and occasionally it means giving up something you love for the greater good.

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