How To Do What You Love And Make Money Doing It

It is said that if you find a job that you enjoy doing, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Of course, this is something of a generalisation, and the reality is that even a perfect job can be hectic, stressful and overwhelming sometimes. However, it is always better than doing something you hate. In fact, the number of people who enjoy their job is declining. A survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting found that 64% of the 1100 people asked were satisfied with their jobs. This represents a decline of 10% compared with three years before. Not only that, only 59% of people said that they felt a strong sense of commitment to their organisation, a figure which has also declined (5% since 2002). These figures may seem quite high (in both cases more than half of the people said they were satisfied and committed) but the fact remains that an entire third of the British workforce do not do something that satisfies them (let alone that enthuses and motivates them). Nearly half are not committed to their organisation. 

This is not good for the British economy because it means that many people are only showing up to work because they need to pay their bills. Secondly, it is not good a personal level. On average, a person will spend 37.4 hours a week working. If you are going to commit so much time to something, it should be something you enjoy, not least because you’ll probably do a better job in that case, but also because your quality of life is important too. Here are a few ways that you can do what it is that you’re passionate about while making money too: 

Work Freelance
Working your own hours and being able to do so from home is enough to improve lots of people’s perceptions of their jobs. However, freelance work is more flexible too. You can take on the projects that appeal to you and decline those that don’t. If you are passionate about photography or writing, then make it work on your own terms. Having a boss who tells you exactly what to do and when, even if it is something that you like doing, is a good way of making your passion seem less like a great opportunity, and more like a necessity. 

Create Your Own Website
The economy changes all the time. For example, the internet was invented in 1994, and yet today, Apple is the most profitable company in the world. Running your own blog can be quite profitable, and besides, it can be about anything that you want. If you like something as esoteric as lepidoptery or something as popular as film, you can write about those. You do not need to be literate in several computer languages to make it work either. Web design is easier now than ever before. 

Start Your Own Business
If you are motivated, organised and can lead people, being a boss might be for you. You have to figure out all your own taxes and do the difficult job of hiring and firing people, but the rest of the time, you are just doing whatever it is that makes you want to work 37.4 hours per week.

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