How Your Morning Routine Can Improve Your Productivity

woman on an imac planning out her morning routine

Morning people– aren’t they annoying? Secretly, we are all a bit jealous of those people that somehow manage to be ridiculously chirpy first thing on a Monday. I know that I'm not one of them! However the truth is that being a morning person can be a healthy way to live- both mentally and physically, and there are things that even us mere mortals can do to make the start of our day run better. I'm very much of the opinion that the the way things go in the morning can reflect the kind of day I'm going to have, which means getting myself too stressed and running around like a headless chicken first thing is something that needs to be avoided. For those that also struggle with getting up and functioning in the early hours, here are a few ways that you can fix up your methods...

Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Early birds have been scientifically proven to be more successful. One of the biggest trends amongst the working habits of billionaires such as Richard Branson and Jack Dorsey was the fact that they all got up before 6am. Getting up early allows you to get a head start on the day. Most people tend to be more productive in the morning (providing they've had enough sleep) and being awake before everyone else can really motivate you to get through your tasks. It gets the day off to a good start so that hopefully the rest will follow. There's nothing quite as stressful as rushing around and running out of time in the morning, early birds are able to avoid all of this. 

Get Creative With Alarms
Make your alarm less of a thing of dread to get you more eager to get out of bed. There are now smartphone apps such as this one that can measure your sleep cycle and wake you up within an hour period during your least deepest sleep point. Making your alarm less aggressive (such as birdsong) may also make waking up less of a chore. Thanks to smart technology, you could program a curtain rail to open your curtains automatically twenty minutes before your alarm, the light can help you to wake up naturally. Or buy an alarm which uses light- as this sends a strong 'wake up' message to the brain even when you're fast asleep. 

Exercise Your Body to Exercise Your Mind
A bit of exercise first thing in the morning convinces your brain that it’s time to get active. This doesn’t have to be a jog or a trip down to the gym – simply pushing out some press ups on your bedroom floor might be enough of the kick your body needs. The way you commute can also improve your mindset- with those that cycle or walk will feel more energised than those commuting via car (although making this change might not be possible for everyone).

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
There’s no denying the importance of a hearty breakfast. A good meal first thing in the morning can not only fuel you for the day but psychologically make you feel more positive. Consider ways of adding luxury to your morning meal. Some can be simple and effective such as buying a proper coffee machine to replace your cup of instant coffee. Sites such as have such machines online. Other kit such as waffle irons, juicers and blenders for smoothies could make your mornings feel more exciting.

Make Use of Your Commute
Commuting can be a tedious and soul-destroying part of the day, although can be used to be productive. This is particularly the case with train commutes in which you may be able to get through a good chunk of morning emails on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, this can be a great time to simply plan the day ahead and structure it all out. Getting to work and having your day set out can keep you in control and reduce chaos and stress. 

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