The Office: Can It Be Beautiful On A Budget?

Unless you run a business from under a rock, you’ll understand the importance of creating a beautiful office space. A workplace that is comfortable and cosy enhances everything from productivity to efficiency. In fact, a company like Google has taken it one step farther with bean bag chairs and three-course meals for lunch. Obviously, your business isn’t going to be able to compete with a giant like Google. But, there is no need to because a fantastic office space doesn’t have to break the bank. Yes, a beautiful room is possible on a budget, and here’s how. 

More Space
One thing that comes to light is that employees love space. No, not the final frontier. They love the free room within the workplace. To be specific, workers like informal space. Some of you might be thinking what the hell is that, so let us explain. In layman’s terms, the workforce hates clutter as it makes the office feel small and untidy. They prefer to spread the wings and stretch their legs, and they don’t like to do it in a formal environment. Thanks to advancements in technology, there is no need to invest in inflexible fittings. Wireless tech means the firm can create more space that allows the team to collaborate for optimum results. 

Let There Be Light
Light is an excellent way to boost morale, which in turn makes employees work harder. But, it has to be natural light because synthetic ones remind people of a doctor’s waiting room. And, particularly since it is spring, there is no need not to open the blinds and let the sunlight swathe the room. The windows are there for a reason, so use them as no one wants to go to work in an office that resembles a prison cell! As long as you remove any blockages from the windows, everyone will instantly benefit. Also, blinds instead of curtains is a handy tip. 

Colour Scheme
Every workplace should have a colour scheme. The reason is simple: certain colours represent particular feelings. For example, orange makes people feel angry and aggressive. If you don’t work on Wall Street with Jordan Belfort, this is an emotion to avoid. Soft, light colours tend to be the best option, especially in spring as they complement the natural colours. A simple trick is to use the right hues throughout the entire office. So, they should be visible everywhere from an injection moulded chair to the tiles in the gent’s toilets. Colour and psychology go hand in hand.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
Look into the mirror and ask one question: do you stock quality coffee? The answer has to be yes because employees put a lot of emphasis on top-class beans. To them, it’s like black, liquid gold, but it costs a hell of a lot less. Workers love coffee because it acts as a safety net. In the morning, they relate drinking it with working hard, so they will as long as they get the good stuff. Also, the aroma is useful, too. Just being able to smell the coffee is enough to create a beautiful working environment.

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