Which Home Decor Personality Type Are You?

There are three different types of people in this world when it comes to how we approach our home decor. Which one sounds familiar to you?

Type One: The Perfectionist 
The Perfectionist knows what they want, and they are not afraid to go out of their way to get it. They will make an effort in every area, accepting nothing but the best. If they can’t find what they want, they have no issue making it themselves - and they’re going to try as hard as they can to make sure it looks wonderful. For a Perfectionist, their work is never done. Their home is their castle and they are happy to keep decorating it, never truly declaring themselves finished. They evolve with trends, try different things and delight themselves in finding new inspiration for an old room. 

Most Likely To Say: “I can’t find curtains that are going to match the living room sofa! Guess I’d better head to http://www.onlinecurtainfabrics.com and find a pattern that suits. Oh, and learn how to make curtains… I’ll figure it out…” 
Least Likely To Say: “Who cares if the curtains don’t match the sofa? Who cares if the furniture doesn’t complement one another? I don’t even notice things like that. I’d be better off spending time browsing http://www.avclub.com to find something exciting to watch on TV than worrying about these things…” 

Type 2: The Trier 
We all love someone who tries their best, even if they don’t always hit the mark. The Trier has a keen interest in decor; they will happily admire beautiful pictures and browse through colour swatches. However, they don’t do it with the same zeal (well, some might argue the same obsession) as a Perfectionist - a Trier is happy to get the same sort of feel they were going for, rather than having to find something that nails it right on the head. Trends are optional for a Trier. They’re a good idea, something to consider, but that doesn’t mean that they will be the sole force of focus. Their decor style is more instinctive, and while they can be inspired, they will ultimately be drawn to the things they like first and foremost. 

Most Likely To Say: “I do love these DIY ideas and I’ll have to give them a go at some point… but I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with the window for the moment. I’ll get around to everything eventually - it’s not like there’s any reason to rush, is there?” 
Least Likely To Say: “I couldn’t sleep last night because I was too busy worrying about the paintwork and when I am going to have time to fix it. I can’t think straight knowing it’s a mess; I’ll have to finish it ASAP and then crack on with the rest of it too…” 

Type 3: The Shrugger 
For this person, home decor is important. Sort of. They think. Sometimes? Occasionally…For a Shrugger, there’s no such thing as inspirational decor. There’s nice decor that they’re quite happy to look at, but at no point does it prompt them into thinking they should do something themselves. Their home is not for display purposes, and if someone thinks badly of them for that, then that’s not their problem. There’s an independence to be admired here, though the hotchpotch nature of a Shrugger’s home is not for everyone. It’s not that they lack style - some of their random choices can result in very stylistic choices, albeit entirely accidental ones! They just don’t see it as a priority in their lives. If they could wave a magic wand and suddenly make everything look wonderful then, sure, of course they would - but they’re not going to sweat it if they can’t. 

Most Likely To Say: “Yes it looks beautiful but no, I have absolutely no desire to replicate it! That sounds like a lot of work, time investment that I simply can’t be bothered with…” 
Least Likely To Say: “I want it to look exactly like that, and I’m happy to stay up all night until it winds up looking exactly like I imagined!” 

So which are you? None of these profiles offer the “correct” way to be. There's nothing more deeply personal than home decor, and what you prioritise is of course entirely up to you! So which do you feel most in tune with?

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