Why People Dump Their Regular Careers And Startup At Home

You only get one life. What you do with that life is entirely up to you. You can spend it working for somebody else, doing something you don’t like. Or you can take a risk, do what you love, and try to get people to pay for it. For many people, the latter option seems like a pipe dream. Does anybody really make a living by leaving their professional career and starting up a business from their own home? You’d be surprised. It turns out that technology is making working from home easier. Although only about 1 percent of people currently make all their money out of their home office, that number is rising fast. In fact, working for yourself and starting up your own business is becoming a far more feasible option. All you need is a good idea. Here are some reasons why people decide to ditch their regular careers and start up at home.

Reason #1: To Make More Money
When you work for somebody else, you’re limited to how much you can earn. Even if you do overtime, there are only so many hours in the week you can work, putting an upper limit on your earnings potential. But when you work for yourself, the amount that you earn all comes down to the quality of your product and how far you can take it. In other words, you get paid according to your ability to provide value, not your ability to work long house. According to Matthew Reischer, CEO of a lawyer review website, there is no limit to how much value people can add to other people’s lives. Therefore, he says, there is no earnings limit.

Reason #2: It’s Easier Than A Regular Job
Setting up a home business is actually easier than most people think. Thanks to modern technology and services, like Ricoh printer support, most home businesses can be up and running in a week. Working for yourself finally gives you the opportunity to have the quality of life that you’ve always wanted. According to Andrew Bliss, you can do whatever you want when you start your own business. If the opportunity to go abroad presents itself, you can take it, without having to ask for permission from your employer. Bliss started his own company, and within a year, he was able to go traveling to Taiwan, a country he had wanted to see up close for many years but had never had the time to do so.

Reason #3: You Can Surround Yourself With Great People
At first, you’ll spend long hours by yourself, working to develop your products. But over time, your business will expand, and you’ll take on new people. When you’re working in a corporate office, you have to work with whomsoever the hiring manager employs to your department. But when you run your own business, you call the shots and decide who works for you. That means that you get to build a team of people you actually like and want to work with every day.

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