A Cosy Living Room You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Now that we're into spring, it’s understandable to start thinking about interiors- especially after the big spring cleaning has been done! While you might associate a cosy living space with autumn and winter, actually a homely space is never going to be a bad thing and so really it's something you should be aiming for all year round. When the spring and summer sun has set, we all still will retire to the same spot, so why can’t we embrace cosiness throughout the year? With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can make that space user-friendly for the whole year. 

A Fireplace Isn’t Just For Winter
A warming fireplace is fantastic over the cold winter months. With a roaring fire blazing and everyone curled up with a good book or a box set, it certainly is a scene straight out of Hygge book. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t embrace the style that a fireplace offers in the warmer months too. You can still benefit from that cosy feeling even when the fire isn’t lit in the summer, plus a fireplace is always going to be a standout point in the room. You could think about adding a new mantel with an oak beam from a company like Tradoak, or even adding some new accessories to make the fireplace more of a feature. If you want the effect without the warmth, you could light some candles instead,

Candlelight Can Be Serene in the Summer Months Too
On the subject of candles, we associate the warming ambience they give on a cold winter's night, but actually, candles are equally as serene in the summer months. Simply switch out your warming festive spiced scents with something lighter. Summer fruits, light florals and clean linen scents all work well. 

Comfort is Key When it Comes to Soft Furnishings
You might not need to wrap up in blankets in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean to say that soft furnishings don’t play a big part in the cosy factor during the summer. Cushions are a great way to accessorise and style your living space so you could invest in some brighter colours for summer to give your room an instant face lift. Instead of putting the blanket over you, throw it over the sofa for an extra cosy layer when you sit down. 

Light and Airy Room Decor Is Perfect For All Year
Next time you redecorate you home, light and airy colours are always the best choice. They maximise the natural light, and are nice and neutral so match with any decor. In the winter you can add deep reds, tartans and warming shades with your home accessories. In the spring and summer switch these out for light floral patterns and pastels. That way you only need to change things like throws, cushion covers and flowers instead of having to completely redecorate. 

A Clutter Free Space is Good For The Mind 
Finally, with your spring clean frame of mind, it is a great time to declutter your living spaces of anything you no longer need. A clutter-free zone is good for your mind at any time of the year. Go through cupboards and drawers. Sell, donate or give away to family and friends what you're not longer using. Don't hang on to anything that doesn't serve a purpose or make you happy.