Answer The Call Of The Wild, With A Trip To Canada

It's that time of year again, where everyone you know starts jetting off to exotic locations all around the globe for a week or two. But what if you want to ditch the beach and all inclusive bar this year, and do something different? What if the peace, tranquillity, and quiet of nature is calling you, where can you go then? Well, Canada of course, just read on to find out more information. 

Before You Go
The first thing you need to be aware of before you answer the call of the wild in Canada is that a lot of the best places to really get away from it all are well… a far away from it all. That means they are not so easily accessible from the built up areas, and you will need to be prepared to travel out into the more rural parts of Canada to see them. Although there are some notable exceptions to this including the countryside around the coastal city of Vancouver. Which make it a perfect location for those folks that want all the mod cons at night and to be out hiking in the day.  The other important thing you need to know before you have even stepped foot on Canadian soil is that if you don't have the right authorisation with you, may not be given entry. This, of course, would be tragedy if you have saved and looked forward to this break for a long time. So brush up on the e.t.a. for Canada and whether you need one to be allowed in the country. 

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Canada is blessed with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and, yes that is its real name, is just one of them. As you may expect from the illustrative title, this is a cliff in Fort Macleod, Alberta. At which buffalo used to plunge to their deaths while being chased by the indigenous people of that region. The correct term for them being First Nation, in Canada. By visiting this truly spectacular piece of scenery, you also get the chance to learn all about the First Nation’s buffalo hunts and how they made use of every part of the animal. Which should surely go some way to satisfying nature’s call?

Up in the North of the country, there is a very wild and very cold region called the Yukon. The northern most tip of this region is actually located in the Arctic Circle. So is not only is it sparsely populated, and snowy, but also a real place of natural solitude. Make sure you do your research about the kind of equipment you will need to navigate a place like this, good quality hiking gear and emergency provisions are a must. Expect to see some interesting wildlife up there, such as moose and bears. As well as some amazing natural spectacles like the Northern Lights. Which makes this area perfect for nature lovers. 

Banff National Park 
Lastly, don't forget one of Canada's most famous natural reserves Banff National Park. It's got some crazy view to look at such as the beautiful Lake Louise, and the bizarre Johnson’s Creek. There is also a glacier that you can take peek at. As well as many hiking trails which will allow you to lose yourself in nature to your heart’s content.

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