Beware! Could Your Home Be Trying To Harm You?

We think of our home as nurturing, comforting and a place to relax, after all it is home sweet home isn’t it? But there are something common things in your home that aren’t that sweet after all - in fact they could be seriously damaging your health. Read on - but be warned this could get a little nasty. There’s nothing like a good night sleep to make you feel rested and restored but consider that you might be sharing your bed with millions of dust mites and their waste and you might not feel so rested. In fact without regular cleaning your bed could be a breeding ground for cold and flu viruses that ironically will have you taking to your bed in no time. 

Next time you reach for something yummy in your fridge think about what nasties could have got to it first. The fridge trays and shelves are the perfect environment for bacteria such as E-coli and Salmonella to breed and this could easily contaminate your next meal. Keep your fridge sparkling clean and all food items wrapped up and you can prevent food fiascos. On a hot day there’s nothing better than putting on the air conditioning and enjoying a breath of cool air. Air conditioning systems though can be really hazardous to your health if they are not treated properly. Everything from bacteria building up in the filters to the spread of legionella, the bacteria responsible for legionnaires disease are all suspects in a poorly maintained system. If you want to be sure your air conditioning is up to the job make sure it has copper and silver ionization to help keep those really bad bugs at bay. 

Mould doesn’t just look nasty it can be harmful to respiratory systems, particularly those in little ones. Even if you can’t see mold it might be present so watch out for leaks and damp patches and always shower with the window open to prevent damp doing damage. Speaking of showers, did you know that as well as cleaning your body your shower head and curtain could also be responsible for making you sick? Your shower head can harbor toxic germs that affect your lungs and plastic shower curtains contain chemicals that have been linked to lung disease and pulmonary infections. Keep clean by regularly servicing your shower and swap a curtain for glass wherever possible. 

The humble vacuum cleaner may seem like an ally in the fight against germs but it too can get clogged with dust and bacteria nasties that have been proven to resist modern antibiotics. If you are regularly experiencing dust from your vacuum it is time to change the filter, bag or get a new one altogether. Whilst we all know the hazards of keeping toxic cleaning products in the sight or reach of young children did you know that they can be damaging your health just by using them. An overly clean house removes friendly bacteria as well as the harmful ones and increases the chances of our immune system being able to fight off any rogue bacteria that does manage to get in. Too many chemicals on surfaces and in the environment also contributes to skin allergies, breathing problems and eye infections. Pick household cleaners that don’t use harsh chemicals for a more natural approach to home health.

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