Bohemian Dream: ChloBo Jewellery Review

ChloBo Puffed Heart Bracelet* £60 from

There's one particular style that I always find myself being drawn towards, and that's boho. It's girly, relaxed and I'm in love with the gorgeous almost hippy-ish vibe that you get from bohemian outfits. Flowy dresses, long wavy hair, flower crowns and statement layered jewellery- what's not to love? It's particularly nice to get on board with over the summertime; you can go all out and create perfect look for festivals, or scale it back for day to day wear. Whenever I've put boho style outfits together before I've always accessorised with inexpensive costume jewellery, so I was intrigued to come across the brand Chlobo who sell fine jewellery in this style. Their stunning pieces are all made from sterling 925 silver, and also come in gold and rose gold plated versions if these work better with your skin tone. 

I don't usually wear necklaces or rings on a daily basis, so made a beeline for the bracelets on the site. I was really pleased to see that there were a variety of different designs on there, and what I love about them is they can either be worn alone or stacked together. I decided on the puffed heart bracelet and love how simple and beautiful it is. It looks great next to my Pandora bracelet, but I equally adore how they've styled them on the site with lots of them worn together. Alternatively you could wear it on it's own, it's not so dainty that it looks 'lost' without anything else next to it. If you like collecting meaningful jewellery this could be a good alternative to a charm bracelet, as instead of adding charms you add to your bracelet stack. There are different thicknesses of bracelets with a huge amount of different charms so you could choose ones with the most meaning to you. I think the versatility is fantastic, you can make a statement or keep it simple depending on what you like. Lots of celebs and influences have worn these bracelets to Coachella, and they're ideal for festival looks. Especially if you're sensitive to cheap costume jewellery or just want to wear something nicer. 

The puffed heart bracelet is made up of 3mm round beads, you gently stretch it over your hand so there's no fussy clasps or clips to deal with. It's nice and lightweight, and really is just the perfect piece to wear either alone or with other bracelets. The packaging it comes in is beautiful too, a sturdy box with a pull- out drawer with the bracelet wrapped around a velvet cushion. It's this kind of attention to detail that really highlights the fact that this is a higher end brand. At £60 per bracelet they're not a budget choice, although for a silver brand name piece of jewellery it's well worth the cost. I think they're a good price point for a special gift as well, whether it's for a one off or the start of a collection.

Have you heard of the brand ChloBo? Do you plan on wearing any boho style outfits this summer?

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