Five Fun Ways To Announce Your Engagement

For a lot of people, the celebration of an engagement begins and ends with the proposal itself. You bride-to-be (hopefully) says yes, you slip on the ring, and you crack open the bubbly to celebrate. It's simple, sweet, personal, and perfect! But why stop there? You're going to need to let the people in your life know that you're tying the knot so why not do it in a fun and creative way? You might be happy with simply sending out a message, Facebook post, or phone call to your friends and family to let them know that you're getting married, but if you want to do something a bit different, here are some ideas that you might want to try.

Spell It Out
If you're the kind of couple with a love of literature then why not spell it out for your friends and family with scrabble tiles? You can replace the letter O in words like "love" and "I do" with the ring. That way there's no doubt that everyone will know exactly what you mean!

Have an Engagement Photo Shoot
The wonderful thing about an engagement photo shoot is that it can be pretty much anything you want. If you want a simple, understated and elegant set of images that capture just how in love you truly are, then that's perfect! But maybe you're more of a comedic couple, and you want to do something a bit more creative and silly then your photographer will likely be more than happy to oblige. Your announcement should reflect who you are as people and as a couple, so make it personal.

Mock-Up a Movie Poster
Getting engaged can feel like you're living through a Hollywood love story. So why not embrace that and create a fake movie poster to announce your engagement? You can copy everything from The Notebook to Casablanca to any number of classic romances. Again, this is a fun way to let people know that you're tying the knot while still embracing something that you both love and enjoy.

Create a Timeline of Your Relationship
The beautiful thing about an engagement is that it can feel as though you've been building up to it from the very beginning. Why not create a timeline that traces the important moments of your relationship, from the moment you first laid eyes on each other, your first date, your first kiss, all the way up to the moment that the ring was finally slipped onto your finger?

Re-Enact the Moment
If you're having an engagement photo shoot then why not take that opportunity to re-enact the moment when your partner first got down on one knee? That way you can share a little bit of that moment of complete joy with all of the people in your life. Of course, if you're very prepared, you might have a camera hidden away to capture the moment you actually pop the question. That way you can share it with your friends and family in all its glory!

Of course, once you’ve announced the engagement, the next step is to start actually planning the wedding itself!

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