Five Things That Will Annoy You Most When You Work From Home

Working from home really does change your entire life. It can be lonely, and it can be freeing. It can be stressful, and it can be empowering. But there is plenty about it that will annoy you to your core! You’ll see your home in a whole new light, and you’ll even find your home relationships begin to change. Are you sure you want to work from home? Here are just some of the things that will start to bug you the most:

Pets and Other Household Members
God knows what your pets get up to when you work out of the house all day. Presumably they just sleep, but it's a different story when you work from home. They want your fuss and attention, they want to be walked or let outside every two minutes. It's frustrating because they don't understand you're working and why you're ignoring them to sit on the computer! If you have school aged kids and your partner doesn't work from home, chances are you'll have a big part of the day thats relatively peaceful. But when other household members start coming home and you're not quite finished, it can be extremely distracting! Especially if your work involves writing or anything that requires a lot of conversation. 

The Internet
Even when you’ve not got anyone home with you streaming TV or music, your broadband speed will alter. We all know there are those busy times around 6pm, but during the day, engineers can be working on the system and cut you off for a few moments. If you’re ready to upgrade to something superfast that can handle all the demands you’re putting on it, you’ll need to compare broadband deals to get the best price.

The Neighbours
You never knew they were alive when you worked at the office. Now you’re home all day you can hear toddlers in the gardens, retired people gossiping, and the local council workers clattering the bins about. Perhaps you never realised what a busy road you live on until all that traffic noise made it impossible to hear the phone call with the window open. This could be the point you start falling out of love with your family home. All the more reason you work in one room you never use for anything else!

The Temptations
Without a boss breathing down your neck, it's up to you to get your work done. But your home is full of tempations. A magazine in the garden on a sunny day, a soft cosy bed or sofa to lie on during your break or a tasty snack from the fridge. All of these things can turn into full blown distractions and set you behind with your working day. You have to be disciplined when it comes to breaks, not be tempted to turn the tv on or go for an afternoon nap just because you can (unless you've made time in your schedule for it, that is!)

The Housework
When you work out of the house, it's easy to keep it tidy. When you're home all day you'll probably be making more mess- copious cups of tea, plates from cooking lunch and general mess can accumulate. This can result in more housework. On the plus side, being at home does mean you can easily pop a wash on or a load in the dishwasher, or have a quick tidy during your lunch break rather than tackling it after a long commute from the office. So it's all swings and roundabouts. 

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