What Are The Best Ways To Promote a Brand?

Promoting a brand can be difficult, especially in the modern day when consumers understand they’re being sold to from all angles. Efforts in targeted advertising have gone some way in reconciling this, but let’s face it, getting advertised to can be annoying if you’re not looking for it. As a new business, it can be difficult to introduce yourself correctly, without fear of ‘saying the wrong thing’ or coming across in a way you didn’t intend. It’s best to get creative here and look at your marketing in a way that would be pleasing to you as a consumer. The following tips are fun ways to promote your brand, as well as some tips for the groundwork you should be laying before you even take that tentative first step into advertising.

Research, Research, Research Your Audience
You want to have an ideal target that you’re promoting yourself toward. You want to know exactly who is going to purchase your product. Ideally, you want to spend time imagining this person. Is the person most likely to purchase your product “Jessica?”. Does “Jessica” work out at the gym four times a week, drive a mini convertible, have 2 cats and a love for old soul music? Or is your intended audience “Kevin,” a manly man who chops wood and crafts it into canoes on his days off from his manufacturing job? This is important to know. Once you know the type of person you are selling your product to, everything can progress from there.

Take Out Targeted Advertisements
This can include sponsoring podcasts relating to the field your business is involved in. Selling a new make-up concealer? Consider sponsoring beauty podcasts. Make sure to use professional services to craft this advertisement, because you don’t want it to come across as sloppy. You only have a select amount of time to appeal to an audience before they either listen to the remainder of what you have to say or mentally blur you out entirely. Hiring professional female voiceover in this instance can really help smooth out your introduction to new, receptive ears.

Send Discount Offers to Those Who Purchase Your Item.
If you’re a new brand, it might be worth taking an initial loss of your profits to help raise awareness of what you’re doing. Building a happy and reliable audience is paramount to your success in the early days. If a client purchases your goods, offer them a discount or even a free reward for doing so. This helps associate the brand with fair trade, and you’ll seem like you’re on the side of the consumer instead of your profit margin. This is a good way for a person to feel like the company they’re doing business with has actual, real humans behind it.

Write a Blog
A blog is a create, nearly free way of drawing an audience. Providing high-quality articles about the benefits of what you do, why you believe in it and how you hope to grow will help your audience identify with your journey, and they’ll want to become part of it. Just make sure you highlight flaws you’ve had in your early operations to come across as human. Companies that make themselves look flawless are often seen through quite easy. Larger firms have to do this for their stability, but while you’re still small, looking like a team with a dream is one of the better ways to come across.Whatever you choose, make sure you do it with good spirits, and be sure to promote positive thinking that will hopefully reflect on your business for the better.

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