Golden Rules Of A Successful Bathroom Makeover

In every household, there are rooms that rapidly look worn out and dated. Needless to say, the bathroom is one of the first rooms that will need a makeover. It is, after all, the room that the entire family uses every day, several times a day. It’s no wonder that it needs to be refreshed within the first years! However, whatever the budget you are planning to invest in your bathroom, it is essential to consider the options that you have for the improvement project. Indeed, a bathroom makeover – unless you are planning to get a spa-like bathroom and a bubbly jacuzzi, doesn’t require you to change the shower, the bathtub or the toilet. But there are still golden rules to follow to avoid any trouble. 

#1. A Clean Shower Is A New Shower
Dirty grout lines and mouldy silicone seal is a common issue, experienced by homeowners who have an old bathroom. Often, if you haven’t kept ahead of the cleaning schedule, you may be thinking that the only way out is to re-tile the entire area. In truth, you can use a vinegar-based solution to give your grout lines their original shine back If you are struggling for brushes, a manual toothbrush has the perfect size for the job. Additionally, if you are not keen on vinegar, a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will have similar effects. 

#2. Get The Right Equipment
There is no such thing as a too small bathroom. You need to pick the most suitable equipment for your bathroom. For instance, a small bathroom will have fewer storage abilities and therefore will need a minimalist type of d├ęcor. Additionally, you may want to ask yourself whether you really need all these tubes of makeup, for example, or whether the first aid box can be stored in another room in the house. Crowded bathrooms are not fun to use, and they can also accumulate dust and mould faster than any other room. In short, think of how much you need in your bathroom before you commit to a makeover. 

#3. Be Prepared For The Emergency Situation
Sometimes things go wrong. It happens. You might have climbed onto the bathroom sink to clean the top of the cabinet and then you heard something break. The water leak coming from underneath the sink informs you that a pipe has burst. This is an emergency situation and one for which you need to be prepared in advance. Before your makeover, start by researching your closest certified plumbers and register their numbers in your phone under plumber near me, or something similar. There are events for which you don’t have the relevant tools or experience, like in the case of a broken pipe. Leave it to a professional to sort you out as soon as possible. Most emergency plumbers have a 1-hour emergency response time, which is helpful. 

#4. Add A Colourful Accent 
Finally, just because it’s a bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it is doomed to remain magnolia forever. You can find plenty of attractive bathroom-suitable paints in a variety of colours. A fresh coat of bright green or pale blue might just be all it takes to give your bathroom a second life.