How To Get Your Blog Seen

There are so many people that are taking the leap into the blogging world. Whereas there were only a handful of bloggers towards the start of the new millennium (which is hard to imagine now), the likes of blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogspot popping up to offer users the chance to get on board quickly and efficiently meant that more and more people were willing to give it a go. A small percentage of those people are making a living solely from putting their thoughts and feelings online, which is great - it means that it’s open for you to do, too! 

The best thing that you can do to get your blog out there and seen is to interact with other bloggers, or even just the people that you think would find your content interesting. The easiest way of doing this is via several social media platforms that are available to you - for free. Leaving comments on other blogs for fellow bloggers to comment and follow you back is a great way to build up a community of those who are in the same mind as you. Making a few friends along the way is just one of the great bonuses available. 

Get a Good Design
Thankfully, nowadays you don’t have to be up to date on your knowledge of HTML, CSS and all of the other codes required to make a website. There are platforms which offer a variety of ready-made template themes for you to utilise to your heart’s desire, or you can bring in a company such as UX Agency to do all of the hard work for you. Ensuring that you have a good design with a fluid layout is vital to capturing people to stay on your blog. Aesthetics go a long way online, especially as the internet is a virtual space full of interesting places for people to visit - they only have to do a quick search to land somewhere else. Make it catchy and look at the demographics of the people who are likely to visit your site. Get your site to appeal to them as much as possible. 

Create Interesting Content 
If you haven’t got interesting stuff to post about, then what’s the point of creating a blog? You blog will only be shared and seen by the people who are looking out for what you have got to say (or, in this instance, write about). There’s no point in writing something just for the sake of it if you truly want to get seen. Look at things that are trending; celebrities, politics, fashion. Take your pick of all of the subjects that you could write about and make sure that you proofread it before you publish it. Good quality content is half innovative read, but half impeccable grammar and punctuation. The better the piece that you’re putting out, the more you’ll keep them coming back. Visitors are driven by quality and the need to follow what you’re doing. Even the most mundane of stories can be a delight to read if you word it well.