How To Overcome Panic Attacks

Anyone suffering from panic attacks knows how frightening and overwhelming they can be, it’s difficult to know what to do about them and keep them at bay. However there are steps that you can take to keep them under control, reduce their frequency and in some cases even rid yourself of them for good.

Get Support
If you feel like your panic attacks are getting worse and there is little you can do to get them under control then you should contact your doctor for medical advice and support. If you have suffered from a crippling anxiety attack and seek immediate medical attention that you should seek out a doctor that will be able to see you as soon as possible. Have an emergency contact on your phone, from a site like,, where you will be able to book an appointment with a doctor on the same day if you feel like things are spiralling out of control.

Listen To Yourself
Knowing the warning signs of when a panic attack is approaching is the first step in learning how to conquer them. When you feel those familiar feelings of anxiety rising up begin to talk yourself through a set of emotions to try and squash the feelings of increasing stress. Tell yourself that you are not in danger, that you are not afraid and that you are simply going to take a moment to focus on your breathing and centre yourself in calming yourself down.

Learn To Understand Them
Whilst you are never going to welcome feelings of anxiety you can train yourself to cope with them and be less fearful of them, through the way that you cope with those feelings of mild to severe panic. Accepting the feelings that these episodes bring up and recognising that although they are upsetting, they are not dangerous. Rationalising the feelings and thoughts that you have will speed up the recovery time that it takes for you to be feeling calm again. The more you try and resist the panic the worse you will feel, so by accepting these feelings and understanding them, you can become less fearful of them and reduce the power they have over you.

Take A Moment
Shortly after a panic attack it is normal to feel that you want to get up and leave the place that has been so distressing to you throughout your anxiety attack. You want to put it behind you and move forward, back into your ordinary life. However it is wise to take a moment to regulate your breathing and look around you and take in how normal and ordinary everything is. Once a panic attack subsides, looking around your environment is a good exercise in showing you there is nothing to be fearful of, which you can then work into the way you talk to yourself if you ever suffer from another attack. Being able to normalise your surroundings, in an attempt to prove to yourself that there is nothing to fear, is incredibly important in the road to recovering from panic attacks.

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