Life Alone: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

You’re probably aware by now that life isn’t quite how it's portrayed in movies. While it can be fantastic, it's not all fun and romance and one exciting thing after the next. It is in fact, a really hard thing to navigate. It's full of challenges, and one of the most challenging is life after divorce. After spending a number of years married to a person (and even longer knowing them) suddenly being on your own can be a little surreal. You probably didn't expect it to be such an intense rollercoaster of emotion, even if it's been heading in this direction for  while. That’s why you need to start focusing on you. You’re likely caught up in habit, so to move your life on you have rediscovered who you are. 

Remember Your Best Qualities
The thing about life, and certainly a life without routine, is that you can easily forget your amazing qualities. You can forget about those gifts you were born with. You start thinking about the things you would change instead of the amazing things you have. Well, that needs to change. As of right now, we want you to list all of your amazing qualities. Your smile, your generosity, your sense of adventure, your kindness, your intelligence; all of these things. List them and then read that list every morning. That’s who you are. That’s the person you need to get back in touch with. 

Forgiveness Takes Away Their Power
The only thing regret and bitterness do is stop you from moving forward; they stop you from being happy. All those ‘what if’ questions you keep asking yourself, wondering if this would have changed that, or getting angry at your ex-partner and smashing a lamp. None of it helps. You need to accept that these thoughts and feelings won’t help you move forward. You have an exciting new chapter ahead of you, one to explore, and this will be hindered if you don’t learn to let the past go. Embody the attitude and positivity you want to have because that will empower you, it will encourage you to go on that senior dating website your daughter told you to go on, it will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, or out of the house. It will encourage you to live again. So forgive, forget, let it go and move forward. You have to. 

Live In The Present And Smile
A lot of the time, life after divorce comes with extra challenges and added responsibilities, especially if there were kids involved. You try and make them as unaffected as possible while trying to juggle the responsibilities of two parents, and then having to meet your ex somewhere when it comes to their time with the kids, followed by learning how to live alone again, all of which can stress you out big time. Well, don’t let it stress you out. Lighten up. Learn to laugh again, and learn to laugh at yourself. There is humor in everything, you just have to find it. But most of all, live in the present. No good can come from dwelling on the past. So when your kid wants to play with you, be there, totally, live in that moment. The same goes for coffee with your friends. Live in the moment, and live with a smile.

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