Throw a Party Like an A-Lister

Do you ever get jealous looking at photos of red carpet after parties, A-lister birthdays and big corporate events? The champagne is flowing, everyone’s impeccably dressed, and the venue is out of this world – there’s no denying it can make the average person’s best parties look like a drag. It doesn’t have to be that way though! It is possible to throw a party like an A-lister if you really want to. So, if you have an important event coming up in the near future, check out these tips to help you throw a party even celebrities will be envious of:

Hire a Mansion
If there’s a more spectacular place to throw a party than a huge country mansion, I haven’t heard of it yet. So, if you want your party to rival the likes of soirees thrown by Kim Kardashian and Madonna, or which is better than the average Oscars after party, your first step should be checking out mansions to hire near you. There are many mansions that are available for parties, and hiring one will get your event off to a great start.

Create a Killer Guest-List
You won’t find boring people at the average A-lister’s party, so don’t invite any to yours, unless they are vital to the proceedings. Make it a priority to invite your most charismatic contacts, and they’ll provide the energy and interest you need to make your party one of the best.

Choose a Theme
Celebrities love a theme party. In the past, they have thrown parties with themes as diverse as masquerade balls and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you’re in a mansion and you want your party to rival the celebrity events you’ve drooled over in the past, choosing a classy theme is probably a good move. Think Hollywood Glamor rather than zombie invasion.

Lay a Red Carpet
Want your guests to arrive in style? Place a red carpet at the entrance, and they’ll all feel like the most important person in the world when they rock up to your party.

Choose a Show Stopping Outfit
You never see Emma Stone or Scarlett Johansson attending those big A-lister parties in drab, dowdy outfits, so you shouldn’t attend your own event looking that way either. You don’t have to blow your budget but shop around for a party dress that will turn heads and ensure all eyes are on you. Also, set a dress code so that all attendees look good too.

Champagne and Silver Service
What A-list party would be complete without champagne on ice and the finest foods served up on silver platters? You might not be able to afford beluga caviar and Dom Perignon, but most budgets can stretch to more affordable champagne brands and tasty food.

Hire a Live Band
Instead of hiring a DJ, unless you can get one of the bets, why not hire an up and coming, local band. You’d be surprised how little many bands will charge to play an event – they want the exposure after all – so you could be rubbing shoulders with the next big thing, just like the celebs do all the time.

Are your parties notorious? What are your top tips for throwing a party the A-listers would be proud of?

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